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aceu Valorant Settings, Keybinds & Setup

by Arijit

About aceu

Aceu Valorant Mouse Settings

Polling Rate
500 Hz
Mouse Sensitivity
Scoped Sensitivity M.
Invert Mouse

Aceu Valorant Keybind Settings

Equip Primary Weapon
Use/Equip Ability: 1
Equip Secondary Weapon
Use/Equip Ability: 2
Space Bar
Equip Melee Weapon
Use/Equip Ability: 3
Use Object
Equip Spike
Use/Equip Ability: Ultimate
Center Dot
Inner Lines
1 / 4 / 2 / 2
Outer Lines
0 / 0 / 0 / 0
Movement / Firing Error

Aceu Valorant Video Settings

Display Mode
Frame Rate Limit
Material Quality
Texture Quality
Detail Quality
UI Quality
Anisotropic Filtering
Improve Clarity

More Aceu Info

Aceu’s real name is Brandon Winn. Aceu is a professional streamer who is currently playing for the team NRG Esports. He’s known for streaming a variety of competitive games including Apex Legends, CS:GO, and more. The popular Youtuber and Twitch streamer Aceu uses a traditional settings layout with some noticeable differences.

aceu is an American.

aceu currently uses the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 gaming mouse.
aceu currently uses the Ducky One TKL RGB White gaming Keyboard.
aceu currently uses the Apple EarPods Headset.

Aceu Valorant Settings

Aceu is one of the most notable Valorant players yet. Aceu’s Valorant settings are a great example of what can be achieved with the game, as the player has already made himself known despite the game being pretty recently released. At the moment, settings for Valorant can be quite different from player to player. This means that going with the settings of a great player like Aceu is a good bet.

Aceu hit a new level as a competitive player with Apex Legends. He’s taken home first place in a number of Twitch Rivals events and the Apex Legend Pre-Season invitational. He is pretty much always first, second, or third in every single event he’s entered since Apex Legends’ competitive scene kicked off. Since then, he’s moved to Valorant. Like a lot of pros in other games Riot’s new five v five shooter has pulled him away from the title he spent the most time with in the past.

Since he’s moved to Valorant, Aceu has quickly set himself apart from the crowd. He may not have come from a similar title like CS: GO, but Aceu has become one of the biggest Valorant players out there. If you’re wondering how you can improve your own Valorant gameplay, you can take a look at Aceu’s Valorant settings for inspiration.

What Are Aceu’s Sensitivities?

Aceu uses a DPI of 800 with a sensitivity of 0.47. This is a weirdly specific number! However, it is quite a bit lower than what might be standard for pros. This makes his movement a lot more responsive, but he’ll need to make larger movements to get accuracy. This can be difficult for new players at first, but it is part of Aceu’s Valorant settings that really improve how he plays.

Aceu specifically uses a DPI that matches up with his sensitivity. The two are kind of dependent on the other. So if you’re trying out his sensitivity keep that in mind. 800 DPI isn’t crazy high and most mice should be able to hit it.

Aceu’s Valorant Settings and Team

Aceu’s Valorant settings help him play to the best of his ability, but that all works in tandem with his team. Aceu is part of NRG. Their Valorant team is being built around him and Dizzy. In terms of his role in the team though, Aceu goes pretty fully for aggression. He gets high kill gains and chases down other players. He’s one of the most skilled duelists in the game at the moment.

Aceu’s Valorant settings help to get all of these kills that quickly. His high sensitivities allow him to be reactionary and quick with his aim. If you’re looking to try and play more aggressively, this build of settings can be helpful.

Who Does Aceu Main in Valorant?

In Valorant, Aceu mains Jett. However, it is early days and this isn’t set in stone yet. At the moment, Jett is the best Agent to use for complete outright aggression. However, you might want to try out some other Agents with Aceu’s Valorant settings. Getting a high frames per second and performance out of the game is going to make things better no matter the agent.

The choice of agent comes down to team composition as much as it does individual skill. Aceu’s Valorant settings are made to match how he plays within his team. His sensitivities would be different if he was playing a different role or agent.

How are Aceu’s Valorant Settings Different?

Aceu’s Valorant settings are different from the defaults in a few ways. The first thing you’ll likely notice is how the quality of the game is affected by his settings. The frame rate is set to completely unlocked and he runs it at a high resolution. This already gives Aceu a much higher quality and more detailed image. Then the frame rate allows him to respond to things that happen way quicker. His image is more responsive and more detailed. This gives him a bit of an advantage over normal players.

Aceu’s Valorant settings also include his sensitivities and keybinds. These make the entire way that he plays the game match his play style and muscle memory. Sensitivities are a lot more personal than just using the right video settings. They match the individual player. Aceu’s help him aim quick and hit more shots. They fit the hyper-aggressive way that he plays.

Aceu’s Valorant settings can be a great set to try out if you’re looking to improve. The sensitivities and settings can be a starting point, to change to suit your own PC and how you play.

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