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Chikzy Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Chikzy Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Chikzy Fortnite Game Settings

Game settingsInput
Mouse Sensitivity X:0.010
Mouse Sensitivity Y:0.010
Controller Sensitivity X:1.000
Controller Sensitivity Y:1.000
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity:0.010
Mouse Scope Sensitivity:0.010
Controller Targeting Sensitivity:0.400
Controller Scope Sensitivity:0.500
Controller Building Sensitivity:1.000
HUD Scale:1.00
Aim Assist:On
Edit Delay:0.100
Brightness Calibration:0.50

Chikzy Fortnite Build Controls

Trap Picker / Place / Interact
Switch Mode/O
InventoryUp on Pad
Change Material/TrapLeft on Pad
UnboundRight on Pad
UnboundDown on Pad
Toggle PickaxeL3
Rotate / Repair / Change TrapR3

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Game Settings

Game Settings

Game Settings

Game Settings

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Chikzy Gear

What are Chikzy's Fortnite Settings, Keybinds & Gear?

Chikzy is a competitive Fortnite player who currently plays for Team Evade. He is well known for his speed building/editing and is regarded as one of the best builders on console. He also plays using a PS4 controller. The popular Twitter and Youtuber, Chikzy uses a traditional settings layout with some noticeable differences.

Chikzy is New Zealand.

Chikzy currently uses the DualShock 4 Wireless PS4 (Gold) gaming controller.

Chikzy currently uses the BenQ EW3270U monitor.

Chikzy currently uses the Logitech G933 gaming headset.

Chikzy currently uses the PlayStation 4 Slim gaming console.

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