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How to Get Warzone Yellow Access Card

by Jordan

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 has now launched in the game. It has brought plenty of new content, including zombies and new map POIs. One of the most exciting things about new seasons of Warzone though is the secrets that get added in. In the past we’ve seen evolving Warzone bunkers that give some secret locations and great loot. While there are probably plenty more surprises in store for this season of Warzone, there is one cool item already here. The Warzone yellow access card is hard to get, and it gives you the chance to get your hands on some seriously impressive loot. This guide covers what you need to know about the card, where to get it, and what it does.

The Warzone yellow access card is a very rare item that has been added into the game with the release of the new season. The item is obtainable through engaging with the major feature added in with the new season; Warzone zombies. These zombies spawn at the major new POI. To get your hands on the yellow access card you’re going to have to fight off a lot of them. Or, you could time things perfectly. There is a bit of strategy involved. This is everything you need to know:

How to Get the Yellow Access Card

Warzone Yellow Access Card Guide

The Warzone yellow access card is rare item. If you’re trying to track it down though, it isn’t entirely random. There is a specific set of things you need to run through to get it. While there is only one of them active in every game, there are clear instructions on how you can be the one player who actually gets it. This is how you can find the Warzone yellow access card:

  • The card spawns in the new Shipwreck POI.
  • You can find it by taking down one of the zombies.
  • It isn’t random though, you won’t find it just by going at Zombies constantly.
  • The yellow access card is dropped by the last Zombie alive. So you need to get the final Zombie kill of the game. 
  • Once the server is clear of zombies, the card will fall and you’re going to be able to pick it up.

It is a pretty simple system for actually getting the Warzone yellow access card. However, actually pulling it off can be difficult. You essentially have two approaches here. The first is to spend the entire early game mowing down Zombies and just brute forcing your way through it. The opposite side is to hang around close to the POI and try to swoop in once most of the zombies have been taken out.

The major problem with getting the card is that the entire POI is crawling with dangers. There’s Zombies, but more importantly it is a really hot drop spot. You’re going to have to be playing your best to pull off getting the access card.

What Does The Card Do?

Warzone Yellow Access Card Guide

The Warzone yellow access card gives you the opportunity to pick up some pretty impressive rewards. Once you’ve managed to acquire the card, all you need to do is head over to the yellow crate on the same ship. This is a cache of loot that you only get with the yellow card. If you need to rotate out of there after a big zombie brawl, you should probably move fast!

Out of the crate comes a lot of high level loot. You’ll find armor, weapons, basically everything that’s on offer in the game. Picking up the yellow access card isn’t easy. However, if you time it right and manage to be the last one left standing, it’s rewards are pretty impressive. Our other guides to Call of Duty Warzone can help you with other aspects of the new season that you might need to improve with:

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