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New World Crafting – Complete Guide to Crafting

by Jordan

New World is the new RPG release from Amazon that has taken the world by storm. This is a huge game that has a lot to offer players. One important aspect though is the New World Crafting System. This is how you make items, produce better gear, and even reinforce yourself to have a better set-up to approach intimidating fights. It is kind of key to how you get your equipment and the quality of everything you have to work with. Naturally, that means this isn’t exactly as simple as crafting in Minecraft. It can be complex for beginners.

The crafting system is really dep here. You can get a lot more out of it if you can take the time to learn it in detail. The crafting system when used right can quickly allow you to build up better equipment, and cut down on some of the grind in the game overall. Inside of the crafting system are a number of progression systems that you’re going to need to move through to get the most out of each stage.

This guide covers what you need to know about New World Crafting, each of its progression systems, and how it works to decide how much of something you produce, and the quality.

New World Crafting Guide

How New World Crafting Works

New World Crafting Guide

Crafting has become a very common part of a lot of different games, so a lot of players generally know what to expect. Even with a history in other games though, it is worthwhile to learn exactly how crafting works in newer games. Each title does it differently to go from idea through to finished crafted product. In New World, it isn’t just clicking what you want to make. This is how roughly how it all works:

  • Crafting works roughly the same as in games like RuneScape.
  • You gather materials from the world, this includes things you find and produce. Like chopping down trees.
  • You can combine these goods into crafting items, depending on the recipe.
  • You can also use crafting to improve your current gear.
  • Some elements of crafting are locked behind experience walls. You can’t pick up every type of item from the beginning
  • You can use workstations to craft with.
  • Levelling up your trading skills allows you to increase your yield and use more items.
  • Town Project boards can upgrade crafting stations.

Those are the basics. However, there are plenty of ways you can build on the basics of crafting to better master the entire system.  This is how each stage of the New World crafting system works out:

How to Craft in New World

Crafting isn’t too hard on the surface in New World. However, each step has ways that you can build on them to make things go smoother or quicker. In this guide, we’ve broken it down into the various sections that have their own progression systems. Mastering each of these progressions will allow you to get the most out of New World crafting:

New World Crafting – Gathering

Gathering tools for New World crafting is pretty much the start. At the beginning of the game, you should easily be able to find the basics like Flint and Green Wood. However, beyond this, you’re actually going to need tools if you want to gather the better materials that are on offer in the game. These tools start with a flint, axe, and mining pick which you get from quests at your first settlement. From here there will be more tools added.

If you’re aiming to gather materials more quickly, then you need to make sure you’re in the right locations. You can easily find these by checking the resource locations in the game. This is on the left-hand side of the world map when you open it up. The resource map is especially going to be useful for more complex crafting. 

Gathering Skills

Gathering skills are necessary to get the materials that you need for New World crafting.  They allow you to unlock more materials to gather, which in turn opens it up to crafting more items. These are the ones in the game at the moment and what they unlock:

  • Tracking and Stone – This allows you to get meat and animal hide.
  • Logging – Young tree, aged wood, other types of wood.
  • Mining – Stone, Oil, Iron, Saltpeter, metals, gems.
  • Harvesting – Herbs, hemp, plants.
  • Fishing – Fish.

Those are the base skills that allow you to gather extra materials. As you can tell, you’re going to need to get access to these pretty quickly if you want to extend the opportunities open to you.  

Trade Skills – New World Crafting

New World Crafting Guide

Trade Skills are necessary for working the raw materials into more refined ones. This still counts as gathering in a sense since you’re just transforming and improving your ingredients. So, you can see, this extra step getting added adds another layer of complexity to the grind. This kind of thing is pretty common in MMOs, a gameplay cycle that has an extra grind element. These are the skills you need to find:

  • Leatherworking – Leather and tannin.
  • Woodworking – Timber, Lumber, planks, and sandpaper.
  • Stonecutting – stone blocks or bricks, gems.
  • Smelting – Ingots and flux.
  • Weaving – Linen sateen, and silk.

Those are all of the trade skills that you can get right now. These are essentially trades that you can learn to specialize in how you work on your materials. You’re going to want to unlock all of them in the end. However, prioritize those that you need to improve the crafting recipes you need immediately. 

Refining Stations for New World Crafting

Refining stations are where you’re going to need to head if you want to turn your raw materials into actual crafting components. These are in settlements. You’re going to need to head to the right one for what you want to do though. These are the refining stations:

  • Smelter – Ore, wood, flux.
  • Woodshop – Green wood, wyrdwood, ironwood.
  • Loom – fibers, silk threads, wirefiber.
  • Tannery – Rawhide, tannin.
  • Stonecutting – Uncut gems, stones.

Gathering Tips

New World Crafting Guide

Those are the basics of how you can gather materials for use In the New World crafting system. However, there are some other things you should keep in mind if you want to optimize everything. These are some tips for how you can gather quicker and more efficiently:

  • Check the level you need to be to find a resource before wasting a lot of time looking for it. It can be frustrating if you forget about this.
  • Tracking resources is a more high-up skill that you’re going to need. This can make things take longer, but remember that the map can help with some resources that you’re tracking. 
  • The map doesn’t show the more advanced resources. However, interactive fan maps can show these resources for you. 

New World Crafting

Crafting itself is the final step in this entire process! Once you’ve actually gathered up enough resources then you start off physically crafting the goods that you want. You’re going to need to check out the recipes for the goods you want first, so you know you have everything you need. After that, all you need to do is head to a crafting station. You can find these in every settlement in the game. However, there are also a few more in some outposts. The settlements are the most reliable location though until you learn where each outpost crafting station is.

Crafting Skills

Much like the other stages for getting from raw materials to finished products, you’re going to need to use crafting skills to get the most out of this part of the process. Crafting skills allow you to craft items that are more complex, but you’ll need to level them up gradually to get access to everything. You can choose which to focus on depending on what it is you’re prioritizing in crafting soon. Then you’re going to need to head to that specific location for crafting items. These are the New World crafting skills:

  • Weaponsmithing – Melee weapons and Shield.
  • Armoring – Armor
  • Egineering – Spears, Ranged weapons, arrows, bullets, tools.
  • Jewelcrafting – Jewellery and gems
  • Arcana – staffs, gauntlets, potions, and tinctures.
  • Cooking – Rations, meals, fishing bait.
  • Furnishing – Furniture.

Yields in New World Crafting

New World Crafting Guide

Once you’re actually ready to craft, you’re not guaranteed to get the same amount every time. The yield from your crafting depends on your skill and then chance. Your crafting level is determined by the level that you possess in each of the New World crafting skills. So, each value is unique to that type of crafting and your yields will be different. Each of these skills can give the opportunity to get extra materials when crafting. 

The chance of getting extra materials from crafting comes from four different elements:

  • There’s a base chance of getting more outside of skill that plays into it.
  • The skill level itself is divided by 10 then added to it.
  • The refining material affects it.
  • The difference between the refining material’s tier and the final product’s tier

So, depending on your skill, what you’re crafting, what you use to craft, and the quality of ingredients compared with the resulting product, you have a chance of getting an extra batch of materials. Over time, these factors should average out to give you a much better yield for those that you put the work into improving.

New World – How to Craft Better Materials

That’s generally how New World crafting works. As you can see, a few factors go into crafting better and more products over time. The main one though is your skill. If you’re higher-skilled then you’re able to get better materials faster, craft different things, and likely get a better yield and outcome in goods. Leveling up your skills largely comes from going to craft and going through the grind cycle of the game. This can be a little tedious, but it is generally how crafting works in the game and some time is needed to get the most out of it.

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