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Warzone Season 3 – What’s New

by Jordan

Warzone Season 3 has been detailed a little sooner than expected, and we now have full patch notes of what’s different in the game. This latest season is a big leap forward. It comes after Season 2, which saw the Battle Royale get pushed to new heights in popularity, and a huge event to finish things off. The old version of Verdansk is apparently going to be gone for good, so big changes are coming. This latest Season brings more content for both Cold War and Warzone. It also sees some great weapons get hit pretty hard with a nerf though! So if you’re looking to jump into the new Season, you might need to work on a new loadout or grab one of the freshly released weapons. This is everything that’s new in Warzone Season 3:

Warzone Season 3 -What’s New

Warzone Season 3

Weapon Changes

Weapons changes are probably the most interesting of these patch notes. There are new weapons for Warzone Season 3, and some major changes to some classics. These are the big differences:

  • PPSH-41 – New SMG, unlocks at Tier 15 of the Battle Pass.
  • Swiss K31 – New Sniper Rifle unlocks at Tier 31 of the Battle Pass.
  • AK-47 – This AR has a new recoil pattern.
  • FARA 83 – Min damage changed from 15 to 26, maximum damage 33 to 31, max damage range up by 17%, and new recoil pattern. 
  • FFAR 1 – This great Assault Rifle has had some changes. The max damage is 27 from 30, max range down by 15%, neck damage multiplier changed from 1.1 to 1. Upper torso multiplier 1.1 to 1. ADS speed decreased.
  • Groza – Recoil increased slightly, ADS speed decreased slightly, upper torso damage down to 1.1 from 1.3.
  • Krig 6 – Head damage multiplier from 1.4 to 1.5, neck from 1 to 1.3, upper torso 1 to 1.1, lower torso 1 to 1.1.
  • QBZ-83 – Move speed increased, ADS speed increased, neck damage multiplier up to 1.2 from 1, and upper torso multiplier from 1 to 1.1

Submachine Gun Changes in Warzone Season 3

  • LC10 – Bullet velocity increased.
  • Mac-10 – Max damage decreased by 1.

Sniper Rifle Changes

  • Pellington 703 – ADS Speed increased, raise time increased.

Tactical Rifles

  • M16 – Time between bursts is up by 33%, and neck damage multiplier down 1.3 from 1.8.

General Changes in Warzone Season 3

Warzone Season 3

So a lot of weapons have had pretty impactful changes. However, the changes to the overall game are going to be just as impactful. These are some of bigger changes:

  • Map – The map has gone to the 80s, as many predicted. There are loads of changes to POIs then need checking out.
  • Nvidia DLSS – This is now available if you have a NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics Card.
  • Loot is now Black Ops Cold War weapons, including the new weapons.
  • Blueprints – These will now only be legendary weapons.
  • Riot Shields – The armor bypass  bug with grenades has been fixed.
  • Semtex – This will now always down a player when sticked. 
  • Mono Audio – This is now available, it puts all audio into one channel rather than left and right. While worse for picking up on footsteps, it is good if you’re playing with one headphone in or have accessibility needs.
  • New operators.
  • Hunt for Adler – This is a new event that will be coming to the game soon.
  • Battle Pass – A new Battle Pass is here for Warzone Season 3, with operators, weapons, and other cosmetics. 
  • Bug Fixes

Warzone Update File Size

Warzone ridiculous file sizes have long been a topic of amusement, but intense frustration for the community. While it was briefly looking like Warzone needed a dedicated hard drive, this new Season does have a more reasonable size. You’ll find it’s 22.6-25.9, depending on which platform you’re using. The PC size is 25.2 GB, which is quite manageable. 

That’s what you need to know about the new Season that’s coming in Warzone. There are some minor alterations like bug fixes, but those are all of the important ones. If you’re looking to start on the best foot in the new season, then our other guides can help you work on your performance. 

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  • Loadouts – Getting your loadout in Warzone is a vital part of the game. These are some recommendations for which loadout to build. You could also check out the specific guides for weapon loadouts, like the best LC10 loadout and the best FARA loadout.
  • Warzone Weapons – If you’re not even sure which weapons to start with, then this guide can help you out. 
  • The Best Warzone Settings – Optimizing your settings is a key step to getting the game running as well as possible, along with getting the best FPS possible.
  • How to Find the Perfect Sensitivity – Sensitivity is different for every player, this is how you can find the perfect one for you.

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