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Faze Sway Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Faze Sway Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Faze Sway Fortnite Video & Game Settings​

Video SettingsInput
Window ModeFullscreen
Resolution1920×1080 16:9
Frame rate limit240 FPS
User Interface Contrast1x
Color Blind ModeTritanope
Color Blind Strength10
3D Resolution100%
View DistanceEpic
Post ProcessingLow
Motion BlurOff
Show FPSOn
Multithreaded RenderingOn
HUD Scale60%

Game SettingsInput
Use Advanced OptionsOn
Look Horizontal Speed44% – 0% Boost
Look Vertical Speed44% – 0% Boost
ADS Horizontal Speed11% – 0% Boost
ADS Vertical Speed11% – 0% Boost
Build Mode Sensitivity2.0x
Edit Mode Sensitivity2.0x
Sensitivity CurveLinear
Aim Assist Strength100%
Sprint By DefaultOn
Build ImmediatelyOn
Edit Hold Time0.1

Faze Sway Build Controls

Roof / Building ResetL1
Trap Picker / Place / Interact
Switch ModeO
InventoryUp on Pad
Change Material/TrapLeft on Pad
Replay Last EmoteRight on Pad
Emote/ReplayDown on Pad
Harvesting ToolL3
Rotate / Repair / CrouchR3

Faze Sway Gear

Faze Sway PC Setup

Faze Sway Fortnite Settings, Keybinds and Gear Setup

FaZe Sway Fortnite Settings

FaZe Sway is one of the most influential Fortnite players out there, he has 3.5 million followers on YouTube and regularly posts his high-level gameplay there. FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings help him to run the game in the best possible quality. On top of this though, it decides how he can interact with the game. As controllers are becoming more prominent in the Fortnite community, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the right settings are for it. Compared with using a mouse and keyboard, different players use massively different sensitivities and settings. If you’re looking to emulate the settings of a pro but on a controller, then FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings are a great place to start.

FaZe Sway primarily plays Fortnite. However, on his channel you’ll also find a lot of outside content involving general antics from the FaZe house. In terms of Fortnite though, he’s a really high-level player.  He doesn’t compete in all competitive events, but he gets great results when he does. His most recent tournament saw him placed 3rd in a daily Trios cup, he also played in the FNCS invitational back in Season 2, also coming in third. While he doesn’t complete consistency, he always places highly when he does.

FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings help him to accomplish this. His set-up is great for those switching to controllers, the control scheme itself works really well to make the most out of it. This is what you need to know about FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings:

What is FaZe Sway’s Fortnite Sensitivity?

FaZe Sway’s Horizontal sensitivity is 44% with 0 acceleration boost. His ADS sensitivity is 11% with 0 acceleration boost. The sensitivities here are quite a bit lower than you would normally find on a console. This allows for larger movements rather than small responsive movements. It takes a lot of skill and speed to take advantage of sensitivities like this. Sway is a very experienced controller player at these sensitivities. If you’re going to try them out, it might take a little bit of time to get used to.

What Controller Does Sway Use?

FaZe Sway uses a Dualshock 4 controller, specifically one in Berry Blue. The Dualshock 4 is a great reactive controller with a particularly nice ergonomic design. While a lot of pros opt to go for a design with additional buttons on the back, FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings are built for a different style of play. While he uses a FaZe controller which comes with extra paddles, Sway actually plays ‘claw’. This means he only really utilizes the standard elements of the Dualshock 4. So, even if you only have a standard gamepad rather than one of the best Fortnite controllers, you can get the same benefit from FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings as he does.

Playing Claw in Fortnite is using your entire hand around the controller, gripping the face buttons like a claw. Your thumbs sit on the sticks, your index fingers sit on the D-pad and face buttons. FaZe Sawy’s Fortnite settings specifically allow him to sit his index finger on the sit on the triangle and square buttons. The last two fingers are placed over the triggers and bumper buttons on the back. This might look a little strange, but FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings are designed to take advantage of playing this way.

If you’re looking to switching to playing like this, it might be difficult at first. It can be tricky to get used to holding a gamepad in such a weird way, especially if you’ve been playing games a long time. This comes down to muscle memory. It’ll take you a bit of time to get used to it, but if you’re using the same settings as FaZe Sway then it’s worthwhile.

How Do FaZe Sway’s Fortnite Settings Change Things?

FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings are established to help out the way that he plays. This is the case for all of the best Fortnite player’s settings. However, with Sway, things are specifically set up to cater to the way he uses his controller. Sway is a fantastic builder. This is difficult since he uses a controller rather than a keyboard. On top of that, he doesn’t utilize paddles on his controller. So his settings are really important for actually being able to build at the speed that he does. If you’re looking to improve while playing with a standard gamepad, FaZe Sway’s Fortnite settings are a great place to start. They’re catered to building quickly on a controller, without sacrificing any speed or skill with shooting.

What are Faze Sway's Fortnite Settings, Keybinds & Gear?

Faze Sway’s real name is Josue (born July 1, 2003). Sway is a professional Fortnite player who is widely known for his Fortnite: Battle Royale gameplay. He was signed to FaZe Clan at the age of 15. He plays on a controller, and often brands himself as a “PC with controller player”. He is a content creator on Youtube and can also be found streaming on Twitch.tv regularly.

Faze Sway is an American.
Faze Sway currently uses the SteelSeries Rival 600 gaming mouse.
Faze Sway currently uses the SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL RGB gaming keyboard.
Faze Sway currently uses the Hyper Cloud Alpha gaming headset.

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Sway has .50 brightness

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Dead Zone is 0.06


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