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20 Best Fortnite Creative Maps

by Jordan

Fortnite Creative Mode has given players almost infinite tools for making whatever game they want. Using the base of Fortnite’s physics, along with a generous selection of items and buildings, players are free to let their imagination run wild. The results of this have been impressive. The many fun Fortnite creative map that players can use is pretty wide at the moment. They range from entirely unique games, recreations of other games, all the way through to competitive training tools. The creative mode even gets promoted up to a LTM mode from time to time. The best Fortnite creative maps can help you improve in the way that you play, or just have some extra fun in Fortnite.

If you want a break from Battle Royale, there’s never been a better time to explore the rest of the game. The growth in creative mode is turning Fortnite’s free game into a massive platform for an endless variety of games. These maps show off the ingenuity of creators in the Fortnite community and some of the coolest uses of creative mode. We’ve covered some fun Fortnite creative maps that are the most unique, alongside the fun creative maps you can use to improve our performance in the game.

Fun Fortnite Creative Maps – The Best Creative Maps

1. Prison Break

Fortnite Creative Map

This map is an extensive Prison Break level. It’s a labyrinth of interlocking rooms inside an old castle. You begin the game inside the prison, at the base of the building. You and your friends must gradually escape from each room to the outside world, solving puzzles as you go. It’s a perfect example of players using Fortnite’s assets to create something entirely different from the game itself.

Entry Code: 0893-8977-9494

2. Lordly Labyrinth

Fortnite Creative Map

This one is a giant maze. It’s a very well-crafted labyrinth. Clearly, some time and attention have gone into both its layout and execution. This versatile map can be used for playing around with hide-and-seek, but it’s also the perfect location for a good old-fashioned deathmatch. This is a relatively simple concept, but with Fortnite’s mechanics played over it top it really works well as one of the best Fortnite creative map.

Entry Code: 1991-9282-9857

3. Rollercoaster Escape

11 Must-Play Fortnite Creative Maps

This map is a combination of Parkour and Escape Rooms. This sequence of rooms is laid out across the sky, creating a rollercoaster or various puzzles that you must progress through. It’s a completely different experience to other escape rooms and helps break out of the claustrophobic pattern they usually rely on. Instead, it is pretty open and players have to rely on reflexes to make their way out as well as thinking out the solution to puzzles. It’s one of the fun Fortnite creative maps that will challenge you mentally as well as physically.

Entry Code: 1036-8889-6703

4. ATV Race

Fortnite Creative Map

This fun creative map is an elaborately constructed race track. It has multiple lanes which makes it perfect for racing with friends as well as time trials. The map is laid out for you to blast around in Golf Buggies. It utilizes as many traps and special tools as possible to make it a chaotic and fun experience. It’s a great example of creators using random pieces of Fortnite’s inventory to achieve great things. A nice flashback to when Fortnite’s vehicle options were a bit more in line with Fortnite’s unique character rather than the polished cars in there now.

Entry Code: 1330-3984-1519

5. Super Smash Bros

Fortnite Creative Map

This creative map is a recreation of a stage from Super Smash Bros, it attempts to recreate the feel of a 1V1 game in the popular fighting series. A great level of detail has gone into recreating the stage. While it’s not the best at capturing the gameplay of Smash Bros, it’s still a fun facsimile. This map is about as close as you can get within Fortnite. The Smash Bros-like gravity is another touch that really completes this one of the fun Fortnite maps.

Entry Code: 9784-9942-5546

6. Chateau Gulliard

Fun Fortnite creative Maps

This map perfectly recreates the Chateau Guillard map from Overwatch, well as perfectly as is physically possible using only Fortnite resources. It’s a loving recreation. Its creator gives you some rules to try and keep the play feeling similar to Overwatch. This map is a fun recreation, and you’ll want to use a skin that comes close to Overwatch’s diverse array of characters.

Entry Code: 8572-4761-6328

7. Rainbow Road

Fortnite Creative Map

This creative map places one of the most iconic gaming levels into a fun Fortnite creative map. It’s a faithful recreation of Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road.  Specifically, it’s a replica of the Rainbow Road from Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo. Coming from this classic but not entirely 3D game means the road has sharp and unfriendly turns. There are even traps set up to mimic the behavior of Thwomps in the original. You race in Golf Buggies and there aren’t any Blue Shells, but it’s as close to Mario Kart as you can get in Fortnite.

Entry Code: 2668-3299-3251

8. Mega Wall Wars

Fortnite Creative Map

This fun creative map is pretty high concept. The starting area is divided into 8 sections which are separated by giant walls. Players have two minutes to scavenge all that they can in their area. The walls come crumbling down once your time has expired. Every player is then stood together, in the center of the map. Using everything you managed to find, you fight it out until there is only one man standing. It uses the Battle Royale formula from the base Fortnite game, but quicker and with all of the extras stripped away. There is nowhere to hide in this map. It’s a fun simplification of the game’s normal dynamics and a great way to work on your gunplay.

Entry Code: 4177-4290-4967

9. The Cube V3.4

Fortnite Creative Map

This is an escape cube for you to navigate with a team of friends. This cube is an intricate maze. Each room is filled with traps, boosts, and puzzles. It uses every item available in Fortnite in new and unique ways to make this maze a really fun experience. The identical walls of the built structure will begin to resemble an Escher painting as you attempt to crawl your way out of its twisted halls. The cube is also a genuinely difficult escape level. So this one of the Fortnite creative maps should have you frustrated but entertained for a while.

Entry Code: 7512-6248-2736

10. Cizzorz Death Run 2.0

Check out Cizzorz Death Run 2.0. Cizzorz has created a time trial map where he offers prizes for the fastest times.

11. Box Fights

This is a box fighting map made by Pandvil, but used during streams by Clix. This is one of the older maps available for box fighting, but it is the core experience. This map works great for the classic box fight gameplay. It is well-designed and gives you everything you need from a box fight. Matchmaking works in different groups too, so there’s always something to do.

Entry Code: 7620-0771-9529

12. Downtown Dash

Downtown Dash is a Fortnite creative map with a really high level of polish. It is kind of an adaptation of Sonic’s Escape from the City level. Players have to race through the level to complete it while avoiding enemy fire. The placement of items around is perfectly designed to encourage speed. This is a completely different feel to the regular Fortnite creative maps.

Entry Code: 4340-7454-8075

13. Zone Wars

Fun Fortnite creative Maps

We could fill an entire list of fun creative maps with Zone Wars maps. This is a type of game that has really taken off with the Fortnite community, and they actually give you great practice for some of the game’s harder mechanics. What mainly sets this one apart is the backdrop you’ll be fighting by. This is pretty much all that makes one zone wars map different from another, so you’ll want to go for something cool. This one is set at Tilted Towers, which is nice and nostalgic.

Entry Code: 4340-8128-8554

14. Sky Wars

As mentioned, there are more great Zone Wars maps that can be easily listed. However, this one is definitely different enough to make it stand out. This map is Zone Wars but set within a sky, hence the title of Skywars. This one of the fun Fortnite creative maps puts your zone wars high in the sky. There’s the possibility of falling along with normal Zone Wars problems.

Entry Code: 0358-6493-1913

15. The Floor is Lava

This one should be fairly self-explanatory. It is a fun old-fashioned game of the Floor is Lava, although it is set right within Fortnite’s mechanics. While this is fun as a standalone, it makes a great course to practice building on. You can do drills to perfect building and editing under pressure to keep off of that lava. This one of the fun Fortnite maps is even good enough that a similar game occasionally pops up as a LTM.

Entry Code: 1201-1101-4279

16. Working Phone

This map is a little odd. Do you remember the weird Minecraft Redstone creations that were all the rage a few years ago? Yeah, this is the same sort of thing but in Fortnite. It is a working phone. This can be used to browse things or interact. It is mainly a novelty, but it is impressive and needs to be seen to be believed. This one of the fun creative maps really needs to be seen just to see that it was achieved.

Entry Code: 2977-8511-9806

17. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Map

Fun Fortnite creative Maps

Call of Duty has pushed into the Battle Royale category with Warzone, and it has largely been a great success. However, if you’re looking for even more of a direct Call of Duty Fortnite crossover this is the map for you. This is a faithful recreation of the 2V2 Gunfight map. This is a unique game mode that has you engage in concise and tense matches in a set of Duos. While the map itself is a cool recreation, it is utilized here to suit the game mode. This is a map specifically designed for a 2V2 by professional developers, so recreating it for Fortnite 2V2s takes advantage of that skillful level design.

Entry Code: 9169-2204-8734

18. Counter-Strike Dust 2

This map is another recreation, and it lets you play on CS’s most iconic area. This is a recreation of dust 2. The map is just about the most popular in Counter-Strike. The level manages to translate a game with a completely different set of mechanics, physics, and feel into Fortnite really well. While it isn’t the same as just playing Counter-Strike, this fun Fortnite map is a great alternative.

Entry Code: 9908-4675-7557

19. Junkyard Juice

Junkyard Juice is one of the most inventive fun Fortnite creative maps. In this map, players take part in a version of prop hunt. Some players are trapped on a tower and have to watch for moving props. Others get to select a prop and try to make it into the middle of the arena. This is a fun asymmetrical mode that is really something unique.

Entry Code: 1113-6823-4725

20. Zombie Run

As the name suggests, this is a zombie-focused game mode. You have to make your way through the map taking out zombies and sentry guns. This is a challenging map but definitely one of the more interesting zombie-themed modes and a fun creative map.

Entry Code: 6671-0146-2653

21. Build Fights

Fun Fortnite creative Maps

Zone Wars and Box Fights are two great types of games that are popular as Fortnite competitive drills in creative. However, Build Fights can be just as fun in places. This is a Fortnite Build Fights map that you can use to dual with your building skills.

Entry Code: 8064-7152-2934

22. RPG Dungeon Explorer

This one of the fun creative maps in Fortnite works as a dungeon in an RPG game. The entire layout of the game is designed to recreate the feel of dungeon crawling in an RPG. This map has a unique overworld that helps you check your process, and waves of enemies to take out to level up. This is a fun Fortnite map that covers one to four different players.

Entry Code: 9808-4845-7470

23. Cyber Stadium

Cyber Stadium is a big oval track with fun lights and a unique design. Teams race around this and attempt to capture the flag to win for their team. You can eliminate other players and try to avoid some dinosaur creatures that roam. This Fortnite creative map can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re playing with friends on the same team.

Entry Code: 6199-8972-3700

24. Forest Murder Mystery

This Fortnite creative map is a bit of a take-off of another hit game, Among Us. While Epic themselves offered a very similar imposter-style game, this one is a bit more unique. Players are in a well-designed Forrest mansion. There is a murderer who gets to traverse around attempting to not get caught killing off other players. Everyone else has to try and find them. This is a new and unique take on the murder mystery format. While it resembles other games a bit, this murder mystery can be a fun creative map.

Entry Code: 8864-2994-8489

25. Shoot House

Fun Fortnite creative Maps

This map is another that’s a recreation of a map from another shooter. However, it is a particularly well-made one. This covers the Call of Duty Shoot House map. What’s special is that it really feels well designed. It is all scaled up properly. There is the right orientation from the lanes and even for the cover in this one of the fun Fortnite maps. So, while this is based off another map, the attention to detail and recreation of the gameplay really is something special. This one of the Fortnite creative mode maps runs with Search and Destroy, so you’ve even got a familiar game mode to play.

Entry Code: 1794-5642-2805

Competitive Fun Fortnite Creative Maps

Those are 25 of the most fun Fortnite creative maps. However, there are plenty of Fortnite creative maps that are here to help you hone your skills. There are creative maps that help you to improve your mechanical performance. These maps have you run through drills and training. It helps you build muscle memory and reaction times with the games’ most important mechanics. These are the top ones at the moment:

The Building Center – Fun Fortnite Creative Map to Build

The Building Center is the first Fortnite creative map to work on your building mechanics alone. To play well in Fortnite you need to look at building, shooting, and editing. However, building under pressure is one of the most basic mechanics in Fortnite maps like this can help you to make your building skills into more of a reflex. This makes it simpler to get your builds up in the right spaces at the right times.

This is a pretty basic building course that has you run through the best building combinations that are frequently used on the map. This is a competitive Fortnite map but also a fun creative map. It can be simple at first. However, the trick really comes from being able to complete it quickly. It can also work really well to use as part of a warm-up.

Entry Code – 2878-0330-8756

Teadoh’s Training Island – Fun Fortnite Creative Map for Warm-Ups

Fun Fortnite Creative Maps

This training course is more of an overall map to use to polish up your skills. It is a longer map that allows you to polish your mechanics with building, editing, shooting. There’s a particular focus on realistic edits. While it is easy to edit in isolation, this course will help you to edit in more realistic situations.

On top of editing, there is also a zombie section in a fun creative map. That is a great way to practice shooting and to look at skills while boxing. Then there is a free-building mode. Overall, you’ve got the space to work on just about every mechanic in the game. This can help you warm up, or it can help you improve your skills and speed up your reaction times.

What’s nice about this course is that it is pretty frequently updated. The creator checks in on feedback and alters the course to better attune t to how the balance develops in Fortnite.

Entry Code – 5630-7611-9409

Skirmish Map

Skirmishes are great at putting you in more realistic gameplay situations and they’re fun Fortnite creative maps. These competitive Fortnite creative maps work great if you’re looking to improve your mechanics, but this one helps you implement improvements. To make the most out of any mechanical improvements, you will need to be able to actually pull off the same maneuvers once you’re in a live game. This Skirmish map can go a long way towards this.

While it is great to practice your mechanics, maps like this can help you better implement them within the live game.

Entry Code – 5983-3384-0702

Peeking Training

Peeking is a skill in Fortnite which is often underused. Games like Warzone and Valorant make a lot out of peeking. However, players in Fortnite all too often disregard it completely. If this is something that you struggle with from time to time, then this course goes a long way to help you fix that.

You’re going to be able to work on building, editing, and how to shoot during all of this. You’ll be able to improve how you peek around your builds. Along with how you can work in editing to improve your peeking and take more unique angles on players. Peeking is a type of gameplay that is a bit rarer on Fortnite, this course can really help you improve that there. This is a fun creative map, but peeking is an important skill to master too.

Entry Code – 1618-1071-3977

ItsJerain Edit and Aim Course

Fun Fortnite Creative Maps

This is another editing course but one that pushes aiming alongside it. This map is specifically laid out to help you edit fast and then quickly correct your aim. If you can master this, then you’ll have a much bigger advantage in build and box fights. Being able to take a wall and edit in a hole is one thing, but it takes quick aim afterward too if you want to follow up on those building skills.

This course doesn’t just help you with your standard build fight situation though. It helps you in all of the different scenarios that can occur. This includes having to take an enemy wall, or the disorientation of longer fights where you lose track of who have owns which wall. It can be easy to lose your target here, but it does work well at helping you improve your building and editing.

There is also a drill section in this fun creative map. You can quickly edit and then shoot a small target out of your edit. These targets are completely random, so you’re working on your reflexes more than anything. This edit and aim course can be great to work on mechanics that regularly pop up during the game.

Entry Code – 2840-3742-9307

Those are some of the coolest and fun Fortnite maps in creative right now. If you’re looking to brush up on your skills to use in these game modes, our guides to improving your Fortnite mechanics can help you out:

Have a favorite map? Not listed? Let us know what your favorite custom maps are!

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