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by Jordan

The best gaming mouse can significantly improve both your performance and experience when playing. A mouse can go a lot further than just a block with two buttons. Gaming mice might seem like more style over substance, but if you drill down a little they have features which can be a big improvement. Once you start playing with one of the best gaming mouse in 2020, it can be difficult to go back to a normal one.

A gaming mouse offers a lot of advantages over a traditional mouse. One of the most obvious is the extra buttons. This isn’t a Sega Saturn situation though; the buttons aren’t just chucked in for the sake of more buttons, they actually have a purpose. These allow you to keep your hand on your mouse more often, with the right keybinds attached to them it can completely streamline how you play. On top of this, gaming mice have considerably better performance when it comes to responsiveness and accuracy.

Having a great monitor and GPU can help your games look great and boost your frame rate. A bad mouse will hamstring this though. They can report the movement less frequently than frames are rendered. This can leave your gained frames worthless, as you’re unable to actually interact during this increased rate. That’s why find the best gaming mouse is important, the performance of the rest of your build relies on it.

These are the different options for the best gaming mouse in 2020, including those for people on a budget.

Best Overall


Budget Pick

1. SteelSeries Rival 710 – The Best All-Round Gaming Mouse

The Steelseries Rival 710 is one of the best gaming mice available in 2020. In terms of its performance, it is up there with the best mice out available. It features buttons and mechanical switches for extra controls, a display, and even RGB lighting.

This mouse has a DPI of 12,000. This is more than enough for a gaming mouse, since going much higher doesn’t make much of a difference. After a certain point, increases in DPI lead to very minuscule improvements in performance. There is haptic feedback available and even an OLED display. Everything about this mouse is modular too, so you can replace the sensor if the mood strikes you. This is a high-end choice, but it is one of the best gaming mice in 2020.


  • Everything is Modular
  • DPI of 12000
  • Display, Switches, and Feedback


  • Price
  • Could be Overkill for Some

2. Logitech G703 – The Best Gaming Mouse with an Advanced Sensor

The main thing to set this gaming mouse aside from the crowd is its hero sensor. This is a 16,000 sensor that can give you 1 to 1 tracking. It is pretty much impossible to get more accurate than this. It also features an adjustable DPI, between 100 and 16,000. There is smoothing, filtering, and acceleration available but each is also adjustable. With all of this, you should be able to set your mouse up to handle just the way you need it.

The mouse’s design is refreshingly simple. This doesn’t have a strange claw design and instead keeps things pretty simple. There are two side buttons which make it better for right-handed users, but the overall design doesn’t reinvent the wheel. This is the best gaming mouse in 2020 if you’re looking for maximum responsiveness without any unnecessary novelties.


  • 16K Hero Sensor
  • Adjustable DPI up to 16,000
  • Cable or Wireless


  • Designed for Right-Handed Users
  • Spring Buttons can be Overly Sensitive 

3. Logitech G Pro Wireless – The Best Gaming Mouse for Esports

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that is good enough to use for competitive games, you can start with what competitive gamers use. This Logitech G Pro mouse is one of the most popular models with competitive players. It’s used by Shroud, Nitr0, and an awful lot more Esports players. This is definitely a contender for the best gaming mouse in 2020, and it is the one that a lot of serious gamers rely on.

This is a lightweight mouse with a 1-millisecond report rate. You get 16,000 DPI and four removable side buttons. This all while keeping the mouse really light. This is a feature that a lot of gaming mice overlook, since having it be responsive is about how natural it is to move.


  • 16K Sensor
  • Lightweight
  • Removable Side Buttons


  • More Expensive than Most

4. Logitech G502 – The Best Gaming Mouse for Added Buttons

Not every competitive game has the same needs. For some, you need access to quite a lot of different keys and keybinds. For those, a mouse with a fair amount of buttons is going to come in handy. This is the best gaming mouse in 2020 if you’re looking for a lot of buttons, it comes with 11. That is a lot of them, which should let you map as much as you want to the mouse.

On top of the buttons, you get RGB lighting, special tension to give feedback when clicking, and a customizable system of weights. This lets you control how heavy the mouse is to better suit your muscle memory and how you like to use the mouse. This is a great gaming mouse if you’re in need of extra buttons.


  • 11 Customizable Buttons
  • High Sensitivity and Accuracy
  • RGB Lighting


  • 11 Buttons Can Be Overkill
  • Design can Be Uncomfortable for Some

5. Logitech G403 – The Best Wired Gaming Mouse

Wireless mice have gotten to quite a responsive stage, with high tech ones offering minimal lag. However, wired still offers some advantages in downplaying input lag especially if you’re looking for the best gaming mouse on a budget. This mouse is one of the best that are wired, it has a lot of similar features to the other Logitech entries on this list, like a high DPI and sensitivity. You also get 6 programmable buttons and on-board memory. This allows you to create profiles for what each button is assigned too, these can be switched and stored in the mouse itself, removing the need for extra configurations.

This mouse has all of the right tech in it, and it comes in at a decent price to match. This is essentially the best choice for you if you want a wired mouse. It includes most of the tech that comes with the other Logitech entries on this best gaming mouse in 2020 list, but with a wire. 


  • Lightweight
  • 6 Programmable buttons
  • Adjustable Color Backlighting


  • Can’t be Used Wirelessly

6. Razer Basilisk – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

When you’re building a full gaming set-up, you’ve got to think about the price. This Razer gaming mouse is the perfect combination of value and features. You get a tracking speed of up to 450, programmable buttons, and a DPI of up to 16,000, but for a pretty good price too.

This one lacks some of the fancy features seen in more high-end mice. However, it has all of the stats and performance that you’ll need. This is one of the best budget gaming mice out there since it cuts down on those extra features to give you a mouse at a good price with high-end functionality.


  • DPI Up to 16,000
  • Long Battery
  • Hyperspeed Wireless for Less Lag


  • No Indicator for DPI 

7. Roocat Kain 200 – The Best Ambidextrous Mouse

Building a mouse for left handed people can be a bit tricky. Most left handed people force themselves to use equipment made for right handers. The design of a gaming mouse is often lopsided, with a lowered section and more accessible buttons. However, this is difficult for those who are left handed. This is a gaming mouse built for those people. You can get the advantages of a specialist gaming mouse without having to adapt to the design.

It also features a DPI that can go up to 16000, lighting, a 1000Hz polling rate, and programmable buttons. This is a mouse that does everything right, but it also works for left handed people. 


  • Great for Left Handed People
  • High DPI
  • Great Polling Rate


  • Not as Much Control Over Programmable Buttons

8. FinalMouse x Ninja Air58 – The Best Gaming mouse for Ninja Fans

This mouse is a bit unique on the light of the best gaming mice, it is the tie in mouse made for Ninja. This one is branded for those who like ninja, but it is also the mouse he uses. This is a mouse built to a specific set of specifications, so you can be sure you’re getting a high quality. The DPI and polling rate are great and it is very responsive.

On top of this, the design is definitely unique. Everything is built to fit the brand, from the casing to small symbols inscribed on the scroll wheel. This gaming mouse won’t be for everyone, but it is great if you’re a fan of Ninja.


  • Great Responsiveness
  • Cool Design
  • Built for Ninja


  • More Expensive Than Normal Branded Mice

9. Razer Viper – The Best Gaming Mouse for Fast Switches

 The Razer Viper advertises itself as the fastest mouse in gaming. When it comes to the mechanical switches, it might be right. This mouse uses light beams to register button presses, which allows your input to be translated at the literal speed of light. This is impressive, and if you need your button presses to work as quick as possible then it is a great choice for you.

Outside of speed, this mouse is also designed to be ambidextrous, it has a 16K DPI, and 8 programmable buttons. This is a great mouse if you’re looking for the best quality from the side buttons.


  • Light Beam Buttons
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • RGB Colors


  • Wires
  • Buttons Can Be Too Sensitive at First

10. Corsair Ironclaw RGB – The Best Gaming Mouse for Bigger Hands

 Not everyone has the same shaped bodies or needs, yet mice are sold in a one size fits all fashion. When it comes to a gaming mouse, the design can get pretty weird. This can amplify the problems of a mouse not fitting your hands perfectly. This is the best gaming mouse for those with larger hands, specifically designed to suit them without sacrificing functionality.

This mouse has a DPI that can go up to 18,000 but is adjustable, it also has switches for extra buttons. It is a well designed and highly customizable mouse, but one that works for everyone.


  • Responsive and Accurate
  • Designed for Bigger Hands
  • Customizable


  • Not Great for Small Hands
  • Separate Models for Wired and Wireless, Rather Than Removable Wire 

What You Need to Know to Find the Right Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse might not as big of a purchase as a full PC or laptop, but it is still something that should last a while. That’s why you should find the best gaming mouse, or at least the best mouse for you. This will increase your device’s lifespan, and importantly let you develop better muscle memory as you use it for longer. This is what you need to know to make sure you’re finding the mouse that is exactly right for you.

What Do You Need in a Gaming Mouse?

Your needs for a gaming mouse is going to depend on how you use it, and what types of games you play. You need to think about these things when looking for a gaming mouse to make sure it is fitting your needs:


  • Shape – This is way that the mouse physically feels in your hand. Gaming mice have a great variety of shapes compared with a normal mouse. You should think about how it is going to actually feel when you’re using it. One man’s ergonomically perfect mouse is another monstrosity. Read reviews, and make sure there isn’t any textures or protruding pieces that are going to ruin your experience when playing.
  • Grip – Different mice have different grip styles. Think about which is going to be the most comfortable for you. If you have specifically sized hands, you might need a different kind of texture. The Ninja mouse featured here has holes cut in for breathability, but this won’t suit everyone.
  • Ambidextrous or Right Handed – These are kind of your choices when it comes to a gaming mouse. Ambidextrous isn’t just for left handed people, but fully left handed mice are more difficult to find. Consider your needs for this when comparing mice, since a non ambidextrous mice can be difficult to use with their added features down the sides.


  • Buttons – Most gaming mice features extra buttons. You can tie keybinds to these for ease of use in game. How many you’re going to need will depend on the game you play, so think this through before going ahead.
  • DPI and Sensitivity – Your DPI can sensitivity is going to decide how often your mouse reports its movement to the PC. This causes a lot of difference in how you perform in game. Our full guide is here.


  • Lighting – Most gaming mice offer lighting at the moment. This fits into the general theme of your build, but it is entirely a cosmetic choice.
  • Design – The design of a mouse effects the performance and ergonomics, but it is also a concern by itself. If you want a mouse to look a certain way, then go for one that is appealing to you.

What Mouse do Pro Gamers Use?

Pro gamers tend to use specific gaming mice. However, a lot of competitive players use different models. The Logitech G Pro is probably the most popular single model. A lot of players stick with this mouse. Outside of this though, the choices are pretty diverse. There are a lot of specific gaming mice out there. Pro gamers can find the mouse that appeals the most to them. Our guides to the set-ups of pro gamers for specific titles cover the mice that they use. You can find the top pro gamers’ choice of gaming mouse here:

Why Are Gaming Mice More Expensive?

 You have probably noticed by now that the best gaming mouse is quite a bit more expensive than a normal mouse. There are a few reasons for this, but they can be summed up as you get what you pay for. A gaming mouse has way more features than a regular mouse. Even entry level gaming mice are considerably more sensitive. Making a mouse that is so much more responsive is more difficult than making a simple mouse. This drives it to be more expensive. Mechanical switches for extra buttons also add to the cost, as does manufacturing it to a specific ergonomic shape.

For the most part, gaming mice are more expensive because of the extra tech crammed in. They also take more research, design, and development time. All of this drives the cost up. There are budget choices available for a gaming mouse though. The difference in features before the budget and high end gaming mice aren’t anywhere near as big as with other gaming PC elements too.

How Long Do Gaming Mice Last?

 Most gaming mice come certified for a certain number of clicks, this is millage. You can use it to get a glimpse of how long the mouse will stay functioning exactly as it should be. However, sometimes things can brake. In these cases, be sure to check the warranty of your mouse and most covered here have a decent warranty. A gaming mouse can be expected to last a few years at least, even with heavy use.

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