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Best Warzone Landing Spots Season 2 – Verdansk

by Jordan

The second season of Warzone has just kicked off. It has brought plenty of new content in, like new guns and even zombies. One change that has the most substantial effect on the grind of games though, is the map alterations. This time around Verdansk has seen the biggest changes. It has gotten new POIs, some shifts to existing ones, and some new features. This guide covers the best Warzone landing spots in season 2.

As with any season, there isn’t one objective best spot. There are, however, some spots that really benefit a particular type of player. Some play styles suit a particular spot very well. Whereas others are going to destroy a specific gameplan. We’ve broken each of the best slots down by who is going to get the most out of it, along with looking at all of the changes made to the Warzone Season 2 Map.

Best Warzone Landing Spots Season 2 

Vodianoy Shipwreck – The Best Warzone Landing Spot Season 2 for Kills

Best Warzone Landing Spots

The Shipwreck is probably the most exciting addition to the map this time around. It is sure to be the spot that grabs the attention of most players during the first few weeks. Here you’ll find a lot of space for action. There’s also a zombies event active here, and the chance to grab the Warzone yellow access card

The feel you’re going to find here is a lot of players and a lot of chaos. This is always the case with a new POI, but Shipwreck is designed for claustrophobic action. There is fantastic loot too. So as usual with this type of location the players who come out on top are set for the game. Although you’ll have to fight off a lot of others to actually get to that point. 


In the best Warzone landing spots in Season 2, Banks comes in somewhere in the middle for both player density and loot. You’re going to have access to some decent weapons by landing here, and be able to grab your loadout fairly quickly. However, there are still enough teams to give even the most confident players some trouble. 

From here, you can head over to Superstore if you’re feeling confident or move towards a quieter section of the map. Banks isn’t the most eye grabbing landing spot, but it is a very good choice for the majority of teams. 

The Dam – Best Warzone Landing Spot Season 2 for Duos

Best Warzone Landing Spots

The Dam works as a smaller and less busy spot to land at. This is still a solid choice for the best Warzone Season 2 landing spots, with quite a bit of decent loot. Definitely enough for the lower player count that will be heading out there though.

One important thing about this landing spot is rotation. It is a bit out of the way. This can make rotation difficult. Thankfully, there are some options. There is a helicopter here and plenty of vehicles around. Make sure you take advantage of this if you’re moving out of this area quickly. 


Best Warzone Landing Spots

Prison isn’t the hotspot it used to be, but the spread of loot is still pretty impressive here. If you drop you’re going to be able to search around and find the majority of what you need. The real downside really is where it is located. You’re going to need to rotate out fast in some circles, but you should be able to make use of a helicopter or vehicles.

The loot in prison is dense enough to support a few teams. You won’t be overun with players like at Shipwreck. However, you shouldn’t expect an easy ride either. Some games this POI can be empty, and sometimes it is one of the hotter spots.

Downtown – The Best Warzone Season 2 Landing Spot for Duos

Best Warzone Landing Spots

Downtown is a very popular landing spot in game modes that feature smaller teams. It is kind of perfectly designed for them, and a lot of players recognise that! If you’re up for some action then coming in here for Duos is a good call. If you’re in a bigger team, then the spot might be able to provide everything that you need. This POI’s traffic really does depend on what mode you’re playing in, as larger teams will likely avoid it. 

Train Station – Best Warzone Season 2 Landing Spot for Squads

Best Warzone Landing Spots

The last of the best Warzone landing spots in Season 2 is Train Station. This spot has remained popular and still has enough loot to provide for larger man teams. You’re going to need to drop in confident though. You might lose a few rounds by always coming in here. However, the rounds that you come out ahead are going to set you up for a successful game. 

There will be fights here, but not as heavily as at Shipwreck. The loot is also more than enough to set up full teams, so if you’re able to win your gunfights this can be a profitable place to land.

Those are the best Warzone landing spots in Season 2. Each of them offers something different. To succeed in games though, you need to do more than just jump in at the right spot. Our other guides to Warzone Season 2 cover anything else you might need to know:

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