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Best AK74u Warzone Loadouts

by Jordan

Call of Duty Warzone has an impressive spread of weapons available to players. The count has only grown as time has gone on. Now, there is a huge number of options in the game, with a full roster from two different Call of Duty games now combined. However, even among these, there are plenty of unique stand-out weapons. The AK74u is an SMG that offers a few main advantages, its power, and its accuracy. Compared with others in the game, players with great aim can achieve big things with this one of the best Warzone SMGs. This is even more the case if you’re using one of the best AK74u Warzone loadouts.

Warzone has a pretty big system for creating a loadout. With the use of attachments, you can make major changes to how a gun works. The right combination can add range, add damage, or do little to improve the gun if you chose wrong. That’s why it’s important to use the best AK74u Warzone loadouts. The right combinations of kit can build on the already impressive weapon that’s here. They make the gun more effective in any game or change it around to make it better in specific ways.

The best Warzone loadouts can push the AK74u into a new light. However, the right set of attachments to use changes over time. The best AK74u Warzone loadouts in Season 4 aren’t necessarily the same as in Season 3. You need to be changing up your loadouts overtime to keep them at the top of the game. This is what you need to know about the AK74u in Warzone, its stats, and the best loadouts to use.  

AK74u Stats

Best AK74u warzone Loadout

The AK74u can be a great weapon in Warzone. It can be very rewarding for those with a high accuracy skill level. However, before you can build the best loadouts for the gun you need to know how the gun works. The overall stats of the weapon give you your starting place. From here, you know which stats to build on and which ones are the strongest. These are weapons’ stats:

  • Damage – 56, 35, 35, 35
  • Shots to Kill – 2-5, 3-8, 4-10, 5-13
  • RPM – 696
  • Mag – 30
  • Reload Time – 2.52s
  • ADS – 229
  • Move % – 99% 

These are the overall stats for the AK74u. For an SMG, it has a better than average range and very good damage. The multipliers for decent shots on this weapon are going to work well. The reload time here isn’t the most important, as the damage should be good enough to kill opponents in single rounds. These stats are just a starting point though. From here, you can build on them with the best AK74u Warzone loadouts. 

How to Unlock the AK74u

Best AK74u warzone Loadout

The AK74u is an effective gun. However, Warzone has loads of weapons. Two Call of Duty title’s worth of weapons. So not all of them are available to you from the opening. If you want to use the best AK74u Warzone loadouts, you’ll need to unlock the gun first. However, this gun’s unlock conditions are pretty simple. You’ll need to get up to level 19 while playing Warzone, or in Cold War instead.

The unlock for the AK74u is pretty easy. However, to use the best loadouts you’ll need to unlock attachments too. This just comes from playing with the weapon for extended periods.

The Best AK74u Warzone Loadouts 

The AK74u can be one of the best SMGs in Warzone. While the stats for the gun are pretty good by themselves, the best loadouts can make it work a lot better. The right attachments can make the weapons feel like something entirely different. However, you could also use your AK74u Warzone loadout just to improve the gun. A general all-round improvement builds on what’s already there with the gun, improving on it without changing it around too much. This is a loadout you can use for that:

  • Muzzle – GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel – 10.3” Liberator 
  • Ammo – Spetsnaz 50 Rnd Drum
  • Stock – Wire Stock
  • Underbareel – Spetznaz grip 

There are a few areas where this loadout makes a difference to how your gun handles. The suppressor is largely here for the sound reduction. Elsewhere, you’re getting a boost to bullet velocity and damage range. You can use the gun at a long-range and get decent damage out. Recoil control is dialed up quite a bit too. This loadout is overall going to make the AK74u hit harder, work at a longer range, and take the best advantage of the great potential with great accuracy here.  

Best AK74u Loadout for Low Recoil

Best AK74u warzone Loadout

The best AK74u Warzone loadouts can help improve a gun in a few ways. One of the most popular things to build a loadout around is low-reoil. Eliminating the recoil from how your gun works is one of the most sought-after. The AK74u doesn’t have a tremendous amount of recoil. However, in a lot of situations players are going to want to keep it under control. It gets its best results when you can kill enemies quickly, recoil makes this difficult. This is what you can do to fix that:

  • Muzzle – GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel – 10.3” Task Force
  • Optic – Monoflex LED
  • Stock – Spetsnax PKM Stock
  • Ammo – VDV 50 Rnd Fast Mags

This build is set up to minimize your recoil on the weapon. You’re getting a few other benefits here too, like boosting the range quite a bit and the speed. The build is also going to suppress sound, which is pretty essential in Warzone’s current meta. This is one of the best AK74u Warzone loadouts for low recoil, but it works for adding range to your gun as well.

The Best AK74u Warzone Loadout Perks

Using the best AK74u Warzone loadouts can make your gun work considerably better. However, the weapon is really just the start of your loadout. You also need to be taking time to make sure the rest of your build works with it. That means looking at the best secondaries for your weapon, but also at the best perks. Perks can make a major boost to the way that you play, allowing you significantly specialize your skills. You should be tailoring them to both of your weapons, rather than just one. However, if the AK74u is the center point of your loadout, it makes sense to match them to that weapon. These are some recommendations if that’s the case: 

  • Double Time
  • Overkill
  • Amped

These choices are slightly different from most of the best SMG Warzone loadouts, but similar. Double time is a bit deviation. This one is purely here to add speed. This is going to improve upon the already impressive stats of the AK74u and really min/max your playstyle. Overkill kind of compensates for all this. You’re going to want a secondary weapon that can really pick up the slack. However, this one can be switched out if you’re feeling particularly confident. Amped is another one that is going to be here mainly for speed and switching between the AK47u and a more long-range weapon. 

Those are some pics for the best Warzone AK74u loadouts. However, you can feel free to change up perks as and when you need a different build. These should be suited to your playstyle as much as your gun. 

Best Secondary Weapons for the AK74u

Best AK74u warzone Loadout

When you’re looking at secondary weapons for the AK74u, there are a few things to consider. An SMG in general doesn’t offer the decent medium and long-range potential you need in Warzone. This game is played across a lot of different terrains, and you need to be prepared. Secondary weapons for the best AK47u Warzone loadouts will depend on what build you’re using. For most, you’ll need something with more long-range potential. If you’re using a loadout built for range though, you could risk a game without one. These are some good picks:

  • Longer-Range ARs – Longer Range ARs are probably the safest bet for playing with an AK74u. They aren’t too specialist, they’re simple to use, and there’s an incredible number of options available for you to pick which gun you want. A longer-range AR is going to be the perfect pair for this gun. The best AR Warzone loadouts can largely all line up well here.
  • Snipers – This one is a lot more specialist than quite a few other weapons on this list. You’re going to need to be a skilled sniper to get much out of this. However, if you do have the skills then the best Warzone sniper loadouts in Season 4 are effective to pair with this.

Pro Loadouts for AK74U

If you’re looking for the best AK47u Warzone loadouts, then looking at pro players is a good option. Pro Warzone players and popular streamers are some of the best Warzone players out there. This means they know the game inside and out. Their understanding of the nuances of the weapons means they make some of the best warzone loadout. However, they can be pretty specific to their play style. If you can manage to play in a similar style, this can still work well for you. These are some of the top loadouts:

Hydro Best AK74u Warzone Loadouts

Hydro is a Warzone content creator who has achieved some pretty impressive things in his game. His videos highlight great loadouts, along with some high-kill matches that show how these guns work and get damage done. These are two of his best AK74u Warzone loadout:

  • Muzzle – Sound Suppressor
  • Barrel – 10.3” Taskforce
  • Laser – KGB Target Designator
  • Stock – KGB Skeletal Stock

That’s one of Hydro’s Warzone AK74u loadouts in Season 4. However, he does another build for the weapon that he’s used in some impressive games.

  • Muzzle – GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel – 10.3” Taskforce
  • Underbarrel – Spetsnaz Grip
  • Ammo – 40 Rnd Speed Mag
  • Stock – No Stock

JGod AK74u Warzone Loadout

JGod is a Warzone content creator who delves into loadouts on a deep level. Hy typically analyses the recoil patterns and deep stats of a weapon before putting together an optimal loadout. This is what he uses for JGod:

  • Muzzle – GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel – 9.3 VDV Reinforced
  • Stock – KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Underbarrel – Spetsnaz Grip
  • Ammo – 40 Rnd Drum

Swagg AK74u Warzone Loadout

Swagg is a pretty big name in Call of Duty Warzone. He makes great videos as a streamer and content creator. However, he’s also done well at professional tournaments in Warzone, making quite an impact on that level. This is one of the best AK74u Warzone loadouts that he’s used:

  • Muzzle – GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel – 10.3” Task Force
  • Ammo – Spetsnaz 50 Rnd Drum
  • Stock – Spetsnaz Grip
  • Rear Grip – GRU Elastic Wrap

TimtheTatman AK74u Warzone Loadout

TimtheTatman is one of the biggest names in Warzone. When it comes to streamers, few people have a bigger following. However, he’s also a player who knows how Warzone works inside and out. He builds fantastic loadouts which work very well to get the most out of the game’s meta. This is what he uses:

  • Muzzle – Sound Suppressor
  • Barrel – 10.3” Task Force
  • Underbarrel – Spetsnaz Grip
  • Ammo – VDV 50 Rnd Fast Mag

That’s what you need to know about the best AK74u Warzone loadouts. The loadout for one gun is just the start though. Our other guides can help you improve the rest of your performance in the game.

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