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New World Camps Guide – Unlock All Tiers

by Jordan

New World’s open-world is pretty big. Without mounts, you’re often left just wandering around. This can make dying a bit of a problem. Dying in the game can be a major setback that delays everything you need to do in the world for a little while. So how can you make sure you’re always safe with only these choices of travel? New World Camps can make a big difference to your quality of life in the game. The camps are a mechanic which you’re introduced to very quickly. They can be a little annoying, but as time goes by you can find the camp to be one of the best features in the game. That’s especially the case if you’re really setting things up to optimize your New World camps. They make it much easier to be away from settlements for a longer period.

The initial version of a New World camp has some benefits. They let you rest up and give a respawn point. However, later in the game, you’re going to be getting a lot more out of this. The camps can become an important place where you can craft items like potions and generally build yourself up to have an easier time around the map. The New World camps aren’t the most well-explained part of the game though. Like crafting there are a few different progression systems at work. If you’re looking to get the most out of these camps, then you need to think about how to upgrade things and when. 

Our New World Camps guide covers what you need to know about the camps, how to upgrade them, and where the benefits lie in prioritizing certain elements of the camps. 

New World Camps Guide

How to Unlock the New World Camps

The New World camps provide some great resources for players, but you’ve got to unlock them first. From the off, you don’t have access to camps whenever you want. Our New World beginner’s guide covers a lot of this stuff. However, it is simple enough to unlock the New World camps. 

The main questline is what you’re going to need to be doing. Eventually, you meet the Survivalist in your starting area. They will give you the quest to build a camp. Once you finish this quest, you’re going to unlock your camps. The quest is pretty simple. All you need to do is go out of town and get the required materials. That’s flint and five green wood. You can then build it on a plot of land. 

That’s about it for getting access to your camp. Actually crafting one is very simple. This is how they’ll become to be so convenient. You’re going to be able to pop it up whenever you need. 

Upgrading your New World Camps

New World Camping

That’s all you need to do to get access to the New World camps. From this point onwards you’re going to be able to build one. However, this really isn’t the end. The camp can be upgraded. This allows you to get more out of your New World camps. There is an entire path for upgrading this camp. However, it isn’t exactly tracked in-game. You don’t get convenient pop-ups explaining what’s going on with your New World camp. This is what the upgrades are, and how you can upgrade your New World camp.

How to Unlock the New World Camps Tiers

These are the tiers for your camp, and what you have to access in order to upgrade your New World camp:

Tier 1

This is unlocked when you unlock the basic camp, as covered above.

Tier 2 

Hit level 15 and finish Friends in Fashion in Monarch’s Bluffs.

That’s the basic way you can unlock this level for your camp. The leveling can be done pretty easily if you’re paying attention to proper New World leveling. However, you also need to head over to Monarch’s Bluffs. Here you can speak to Bercina Thornton in the center. You’re going to then get this quest. To finish it off, you need to find tattered silk from some skeletons that are in Divine Rise. You can find this on the eastern side of Monarch’s Bluff. Get all of the Silk then you need then return to speak with Survivalist to upgrade your camp capability. 

Tier 3

Reach level 25 and then you have to complete Animal Instincts in Cutlass Keys.

For the Tier 3 quest, you’re going to need to wait until you hit Level 25 for the game. Then, you can go to Cutlass Keys and take a road to the southwest of town to find Tosch. He will give you the quest. All you need to do is gather up some Sharpened Wildcat, Claw, and Streaked Alligator Scales. Then return to Tosch to get the next level of your camp unlocked.

Tier 4 

For this level for your New World camps, you need to get to Level 40 and finish up Lupine Observations in Restless Shore. 

This quest begins in Restless Shore. You can find Rilette Wilson to unlock it. You need to defeat Fangsnap in Fangsnap’s Den. This is in the northwest area for Restless Shores. This is a fairly simple quest; just defeat the boss and go back to talk to the same NPC when you’re done.

Tier 5 

For this you need to get to Level 55 and then finish off Fading Lights in Edengrove. 

The last tier for your New World camps upgrade isn’t much more complicated than the others. You will need to be pretty far into New World leveling if you want to finish this quest. Once you’re high enough up, you can talk to Derick Wardell in Edengrove. You’re going to get the Fading Lights quest and you need to defeat ten Ancient Guardians in Pavo. Once done, you’re going to be able to get your last upgrade for the camp. 

New World Camps Upgrade Rewards

That’s how you can unlock each upgrade for the New World camps. Each of these new upgrades gives you different abilities with your camps. Essentially, each tier of camp allows you to craft items that are on that tier. So, the first tier of camp doesn’t let you craft very much. However, by tier 5 you’re going to be able to craft a lot of the same things that you get over at a New World settlement. 

That’s about everything you need to know about the New World camp upgrades. However, there are loads of other progression systems you need to think about for New World. Our other guides can help you out for them. 

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