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New World Leveling Guide

by Jordan

New World is an exciting new MMORPG that has quickly become a very popular title. The game reinvents a lot about the MMO format like removing hard character classes. However, some of the hallmarks are still here. That can be some frustrating stuff, like the leveling systems in the game. Leveling in the game can be tricky. The MMORPG gameplay cycle is built around grinding out to level up. You’re going to need to progress through level trees to get access to the game’s better gear and content in areas like settlements, crafting, and even the weapons. However, this can all be sped up if you take a smarter approach to New World leveling. 

New World leveling applies to the general player level just as much as skill trees. New World XP farming isn’t always the most interesting task. In MMOs there are often ways for you to grind for longer periods of uninteresting gameplay, racking up much higher XP yields that you can then use on the more exciting aspects of the game. XP farming can be irritating, but even while generally playing and progressing there are ways to get ahead. Pay attention to the New World early leveling and general leveling tips and tricks, and it becomes a lot easier to get XP and open things up to yourself to get more of the game.

This guide covers what you need to know about New World leveling, early leveling, and XP farming in the game. Make sure you’re up to speed with a New World beginner’s guide first though, as even early leveling is probably best left until you have a greater understanding of the game. This is what you need to know:

New World Leveling Guide

New World leveling entails quite a bit. You have loads of different trees you can advance, but your base player level is probably the most important. There are different approaches you can take to New World leveling. You can look at early leveling, or some strategies for specific grinding, or just at tips and tricks for maximizing your XP gains as you play. These are some tips for that last strategy. How to maximize your New World leveling without having to waste days on a very boring gameplay cycle.

How to Level Up Fast (Without Farming)

New World Levelling Guide

Leveling up fast in New World is easiest done while farming. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to focus exclusively on that. If you use some key leveling tips and tricks, you should be able to level things up without having to mindlessly farm XP boosts. These are some tips and strats to watch out for to maximize your New World Leveling:

Quests and New World Leveling

The story quests in New World are the most important source of XP in the game. This is for a few reasons, firstly being how easily you can get big chunks of XP through these missions. However, they also serve as the benchmark for your level. The XP and guidelines for a quest let you know how much further along you need to be. While side quests are open to you, these little hints help you make sure you always come prepared. Prioritize the main story quests for their extra XP gains until you reach the stage where you need outside XP.

At this point, you need to start on your side quests and other matters. These can vary depending on what style of gameplay you like. The town projects and various missions are going to be great for getting more XP on the side. However, it is the main story quests which is the priority at first. 

Lore Pages

Lore Pages are sticking all around the map in this game. They give a nice batch of XP just from interacting with them. While it probably isn’t going to be too productive to just move around trying to get all of them, try and knock off every lore page in the area that you’re in. Doing this will help you to maximize your XP gains in that area before you have to move along. 

Lore pages aren’t too hard to miss. Just try to make sure you’re keeping a good eye open for them. You could use a New World map on the side too., just to make sure you don’t miss anything too important here. However, you should largely be able to spot these things as you move. It helps quite a bit with New World leveling to be picking things up wherever you see them.

Territory XP Bonus

The Aeternum map is fairly large, but it is divided into different territories. Each is these have a settlement. These settlements are hubs for crafting, but they’re also the spot to go to when you’re looking for side quests. As you complete more quests in one area, you level up your standing in that area. You can then choose certain perks. Make sure you’re paying attention to these bonuses as they can be the key for getting extra XP. Use these bonuses to optimize your side-quests as speed your New World leveling just from side-quests.

Later on in the game, serving a role as a governor can be another helpful way to boost things. However, this commitment comes with some reasonability. So, this probably isn’t a requirement for you to take on very early in the game. There are better New World leveling techniques early in the game rather than trying to do this first.

Faction Missions for New World Leveling

New World Levelling Guide

Faction Missions aren’t the most interesting in the game, but there’s a reason you should be focusing on them to get more XP. Your first three faction missions provide a decent bonus to your overall XP yield. These shouldn’t take too long so they can easily be part of your general routine in the game.

You get a big boost for the first three. So always make sure you complete these three, even if you don’t have the time to do more. After that point, there are diminishing returns for these and your time for New World leveling is best spelt elsewhere compared to faction missions.

Speed Up Grinding Missions for New World Leveling 

Some of the more boring quest and town projects in the game has you amass kill numbers for various animals. This can be a bit boring and it can take a while. However, there are a few ways to speed things up. The starting point is to make sure you’re heading over to where these animals are. Once here, you can kill as much as you can.

The next tip is to find other players going after these resources. Then you can third party these players and grab some XP quicker by helping them kill the animals. This can take a little bit of the time out, but you are going to be grinding still for these missions.

Gathering Skills for New World Leveling

Gathering skills are a progression system that you have to level up through if you want access to better materials and crafting. However, they’re also great for gathering XP. You should try to get your resources for gathering and getting materials up to level 30. This provides quite a decent boost to your yield just from gathering materials. 

The resources that you gather can later be sold. However, this is really something you should be working into your genuine routine. You need to be gathering materials as you move around, just picking them up whenever possible. With your skills at a decent level too, you should be looking at a nice enough boost to your XP.

New World Town Projects

The Town Projects are a great source for New World leveling. They give out loads of XP and don’t require all that much work. A town can get at least 12 projects at a single time. Try to take out as many of these as you physically can so you can get your hands on as much XP as you can. These usually involve something basic like hunting animals or getting crafting materials. Throw in some time grinding at this when you’re looking at getting as much XP in a tight time frame. 

Resting for Bonuses

New World levelling isn’t all doing quests, sometimes you can get yourself a bonus just for sleeping. The Well Rested bonus is a great quick way to grab yourself some extra XP in the game. Before you go to log off for the day, make sure you leave your character resting in a settlement. Once you clock back in, you’re going to have the ‘Rested’ XP status effect. This will give you a grey part of your bar at the bottom of the screen.

With this active, you’re going to get extra XP whenever you gain XP. It can really add up if you’re using the status effect when you’re doing other New World levelling focused activities. This is a bonus which you could be grabbing most times you turn the game on, you just need to take the time to rest up first.

Third Party Enemies for New World Levelling

Another tip for New World levelling is to go after fights that are already in progress. When you see a player taking down any type of enemy, it can pay off to hit them yourself. This means you gain the full XP for the kill alongside the other player. You aren’t trying to steal the kill here. The game rewards both players equally. You’re not taking XP away from any other player, which is good to know if you’re working with some teammates.

This bonus is why parties are so recommended for New World XP farming. However, as a general tip it can really increase the amount of XP you’re gaining just as you move around the world completing your quests. 

PvP Weapon XP Grinding

Weapon XP is a unique type of experience you have to gain which can help you get access to better weapon skills. You’re going to need to grind weapon XP while New World levelling to give yourself better tools to speed up later. Getting the best builds for New World levelling is easier with more weapon XP. 

A good way to get through this quickly is to go through PvP. PvP kills give a serious amount of XP, especially if you’re taking down experienced players. This is probably the fastest way to grind up your weapons. This route does have difficulty though, so be prepared to do some trial and error here. You’re going to be just as big of a target as other players, so this mode is for those looking to perfect their mechanical skill at fighting too.

Fast Travel for New World Levelling

New World Levelling

There aren’t any mounts in New World right now, and it looks like it might be a while before these come to the game at all. So where does that leave you for transport? You have two options, fast travel or by foot. 

Fast travel has some benefits for speeding up grinding. When you fast travel, you can progress through your objectives quicker. You also don’t gain anything by going on foot, so this saved time can actually add up quite a bit. It cuts out the biggest source of dead time in the game.

Corrupted Zones

One major part of the main story that you want to prioritize is the Azoth staff. This staff is a pretty important part of the quest and once you get it, you’ll have access to more options. You are now able to take out the corrupted zones that pop up around the map on New World. These areas have level 25 enemies, which drop a decent amount of XP. If you can team up with other players then you’re going to have a huge amount of XP for fully destroying the corrupted zones.

This is just one more side quest to look at. However, if you have the time then this can contribute a lot to your New World levelling.

The Best New World Builds for Leveling Up

The build that you’re running with your choice of weapons makes a big difference to your focus in the game. You can use the best New World builds for damage or for PvP, but you can also specialize everything for leveling up fast. The best New World builds for leveling can help you be more efficient in how you amass XP. 

Builds for this purpose are mainly dependent on the skills that you’ve unlocked for each of the New World weapons. Once you unlock a decent amount of the skills for these weapons, you can start to reap the rewards. These are some of the best builds for New World leveling. These allow you to grind through the game quicker:

Hatchet and the Life Staff

New World Levelling Guide

These two weapons are pretty high on a general New World weapons tier list. However, they also work well when you’re specifically trying to level. The hatchet allows you to access Berserk mode. This will give you a passive healing effect along with boosting both your damage and movement speed. These have obvious utilities for when you’re grinding.

The Life Staff is great for racking up healing. This helps you get more done without having to revisit a settlement. Essentially the health-boosting effects combined with the Hatchet help you to get more quests done quicker. You’re going to be able to better spend your time taking down enemies to maximize your XP, not your travel time and healing.

Hatchet and Bow

Another good pair for the Hatchet is the bow. You get the same benefits of the hatchet as with the last one of the best New World builds for leveling up. The Bow brings something unique too though. The bow gives movement bonuses in its skirmish skill tree that can boost the speed you can get around at. The bow is a little skill-specific. You need to be good with ranged weapons to get the most out of it.

The hatchet’s pros are the same here, the boosts to damage and movement. The extra heft and speed will help you to fulfil the requirements for missions a lot quicker than otherwise.


Armour is a factor you need to think about when you’re putting together the best New World builds for leveling. The armour can protect you, but it also impacts on your mobility. Armour slows you down, which naturally is going to slow down how quickly you can gain in New World leveling. Although, the protection can be vital for some players. So, this is a trade-off that you really want to weigh up. You’re going to need to decide if it’s right to lower your armor down a bit, or stick with protection. 

Rewards for New World Leveling

New World Levelling Guide

New World leveling isn’t just for the sake of it, you actually get rewards for leveling up. The level cap for the game right now is 60. This isn’t too high, but it does mean you’re getting decent rewards quickly. These milestones open your options up in-game, you need to progress through them to start to really get access to how everything works. These are the rewards you can get in here:

  • Level 5 – Second weapon slot and survivalist quest unlock.
  • Level 10 – Duels and your first bag slot.
  • Level 15 – First house available, camp tier 2, and third consumable slot.
  • Level 20 – Ring slot and the main story quest for Azoth staff.
  • Level 25 – Fourth consumable slot and tier 3 for the camp.
  • Level 30 – Your second bag slot along the second tier for the Azoth Staff main story quest. 
  • Level 35 – Second house.
  • Level 40 – An earring slot, camp tier 4, and main story quest for Azoth Staff tier 3.
  • Tier 45 – Third bag slot.
  • Level 50 – Invasions
  • Level 55 – Third house and camp tier 5
  • Level 60 – Outpost Rush

Those are the rewards that are going to come for leveling. Which you want to unlock will probably determine how long you have to grind away for. However, level 60 isn’t too high of a gap for you to aim to get up there pretty quickly. If you’re trying to maximize its early gains then you may need to look at early leveling, to get the best kick start for the game.

New World Levelling – XP Farming Guide

New World Levelling

New World levelling can be done just by optimizing how you play the game. However, you can take things further in the game if you’re willing to farm. Farming is a big part of MMORPGS and the strategies for optimizing the grind are a major part of how things work. If you’re new to MMIs, then this could be a bit frustrating. However, farming XP isn’t too complicated and it is a side of the game that is largely optional.

New World XP farming is a good way of levelling up fast. It mainly concerns doing actions which you wouldn’t normally do in such intense amounts. XP Farming is where you repeat types of interactions which yield the most XP in a period of time to completely optimize the way that you grind up the New World XP farm. 

This is what you need to know about the XP farming guide and how to optimize things to get the fastest way to level up in New World:

What to Focus on When XP Farming for New World Levelling

When you’re farming XP in New World, there are a few areas that you need to focus on.  These are combat and crafting. Both of these types of skills in the game are important for progression. However, they are also divided up into their own skills and progression systems. Farming XP helps you progress through crafting and weapons, so you can significantly increase your skills and builds in a shorter time.

If you’re looking to farm XP, then there are a few ways to go about it. The first is to play entirely by the rules. Here, you just do the activities which yield the best return on XP for your time. While the tips above cover a lot of these, you’re going to end up doing two things a lot. Trials, and side quests from the town board. 

However, there is a second way to go about it. You could also use some of the current New World XP exploits to get ahead with levelling. There is one particularly strong exploit-based way to grin XP for New World levelling. However, there is another XP farm method which is definitely intentionally set-up to reward you highly for your time.

Using exploits to farm XP in New World is a bit different to the other strategies laid out here. These are actions you can take in-game which you would normally assume to have a fairly minimal impact on how your character levels up. However, for New World levelling they actually produce a huge amount of XP. These are things that will likely get patched out in the future, but for the time being they provide a way to maximise your XP gains over time. These are some of the XP farming exploits in the game at the moment:

Bear Exploit

The bear exploit is probably the most well-known New World levelling and XP farming technique right now. 

This revolves around a group of bears which spawn excessively. These bears spawn every few second, which makes traditional XP farming with these guys pretty easy. The spawn in question is near Lodestone Laid in Monarch’s Bluff. If you head out with a group of other players, you can easily farm through these bears in succession. They aren’t hard to kill and pop back up very fast. If you use the other New World levelling tips above, each one can provide two players with their XP not just one.

This is a dull way to get though new World levelling. However, it is definitely a way to maximise your XP per click or per second. Another location for the a similar exploit is Bearshol. Bears here also prop up a lot. You’re going to be able to farm these guys getting killed off pretty easily. 

Farming Expedition Quests – New World Levelling

New World Levelling

Expedition quests aren’t an exploit like with the bear strat for farming XP. However, these quests can be farmed similarly. Expedition quests are special quests that you unlock once you pass level 25. These are larger quests, but they can be easily farmed for decent amount of XP. If you’re playing with a good group of players then you can easily rack up 30,000 XP for the hour with this farming strategy. 

New World Early Levelling Guide

Early levelling in New World can be tricky, as you’re going to need to get to grips with all the progression systems quickly. Our New World beginner’s guide can go a long way to getting you up to speed, along with checking out the Weapon and Crafting skill systems that you need. Beyond learning the basics though, you can speed up your New World early levelling in order to get to higher levels as quickly as possible. These are some things to keep in mind:

Priorities for New World Levelling

New World Levelling

When you’re looking at New World levelling in the early game, there are some specific quests and items that you need to look towards. These are the priorities in terms of materials and quests form as soon as you’re let loose in the game:

  • Fishing Quest – This is basically optional for early levelling unless you want to get into New World fishing.
  • Journals – Grab these whenever you see them.
  • Herbs – Pick up everyone you see, they make for quick health potions.
  • Spirit Shrines – Important for fast travel.
  • PvE Faction Quests – Grab these whenever you’re back in a settlement.
  • Cows – You can milk these in Monarch, Windsward, and First Light to get milk and turn it into food rations.
  • Materials – For iron tools and some other early quests, you’re going to need to find these materials as quickly as possible:
  • 38 Iron Ingots/ 152 iron
  • 10 Timer/40 Wood
  • 6 Coarse Leather/24 Rawhide
  • 3 Rivercrest
  • 3 Petal Caps
  • 3 Waters

Those are some quests and materials to prioritise picking up as a checklist for early levelling in New World. However, you could break things down a little easier by level. These are the major increments for levels and what you need to focus on for early levelling In each of these areas:

Level 1 -5 

  • 4 Flint and 4 wood for tools
  • Kill extra boars to start the quest rather than the necessary one.

Level 5-12

  • Grab 45 wood, 40 stone, 16 rawhide, and 1 flint before you head to your first settlement.
  • This lets you craft a sword and can started with melee weapons, or with other weapons if you’re looking for something different.
  • Stay in your first zone till you get up to level 12. You’re going to be able to fast travel after this.

Level 12-18

  • Try to get start zones into level 18
  • This should be achievable by doing the side mission and PvE that are in these areas.
  • You’re able to amass a decent amount of XP here before you have access to a lot of the wider game.

Level 18+

  • This is a great time to start the main quest. However, side quests work fine here too.
  • Cycle through the main quest here, stashing the items that you can.
  • Once high enough levelled, go after the staff.

After these things are all done, you should be able to progress into wider New World levelling tactics. These early priorities can help you get off to a quick start. Following this, the general tips and tricks above can be a big help. 

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