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New World Settlements Guide – What to Know

by Jordan

New World is an exciting new MMORP. While new, it has quickly risen to be one of the most popular games out there. It’s even topped the Twitch charts since its release. However, like most MMORPGs this game can be complicated. While it is fun to jump in, there is a lot for you to think about when you’re starting off. You’re going to need to take some time to get to know everything. This includes optimizing your New World settings. Along with learning about crafting and New World settlements or forts. Settlements are pretty key locations. You can also get you an advantage if you take the time to learn how they work, what’s there, and how to best make use of your resources. 

New World has three factions competing at the moment. While it is a big map, all of the factions are competing to be in possession of all of the territories in Aeternum. Each of these territories has a defensive fort and its own settlement. Naturally, these settlements are at the centre of what goes on in the game. How you’re going to find houses you buy, work on projects, and even craft your materials. This is what you need to know:

What are New World Settlements?

New World Settlements

New World settlements are the towns and locals that are spread around the map. Each essentially functions as a hub in the game. It attracts players and provides a base for you to work out of. There are locations in each of these settlements to get missions. There are also shops, homes you can buy, and the crafting stations. Basically, New World settlements, are the dead centre of gameplay for players.

What’s in New World Settlements?

The New World settlements area. Great feature on the maps. They give players a lot of extra amenities. Despite the benefits to those who join a settlement, there are things that benefit everyone. This is what you can expect to see when you visit an average settlement: 

  • Forge – The forge is used to craft weapons alongside armors and tools that are made by metal.
  • Outfitting Station – Here you can make cloth clothing.
  • Workshop – In a workshop you can make tools, ammo, and furniture.
  • Kitchen – You can make tools, ammo, and furniture.
  • Arcane Repository – In here, you can make potions, tinctures, and magic weapons.
  • Smelter – This place lets you melt ores into metal.
  • Stonecutting Table – You can cut stone.
  • Woodshop – Wood products can be refined here.
  • Tannery – Here you can make leather out of animal skin.
  • Loom – Plant matter can be made into textiles here.
  • Inn – An inn can be used to travel, one of the more useful parts of New World settlements.

How to Join a Settlements

New World Settlements

Settlements aren’t just areas on the map with convenient amenities. You can join one and become a part of a specific settlement. To do this, all you need to do is buy a house in that settlement. This makes you a part of the settlement.

You can buy a house in any settlement. However, the faction that is controlling the settlement doesn’t make a difference. Your home remains yours, even if another faction is contesting it. The control of a faction does change a few things though. It effects the taxes that you have due, the upgrades you can make, and the buffs you can collect through your ownership. 


Forts are similar to settlements but they have an important distinction. Settlements are home towns, but forts are defensive areas that have been claimed by a faction. Forts are claimed by one of the game’s factions and they can be contested. These areas are central for PvP and PvE.

Claiming territories is a whole strategy of its own. If one hasn’t already been claimed, then companies can pay a fee to claim it. Forts are an interesting side of the game. Definitely, one you should engage with if you’re looking to focus on PvE and PvP.

New World Settlements Governors

New World Settlements

Settlement governors are an interesting part of the game. You can become the governor of a settlement. However, this is only if you’re the owner of the company that currently takes over that territory. Governors have some responsibility for their settlements and territories though. They can upgrade them. This starts a town project. Residents then contribute to help make these improvements a reality.

Working on improvements to settlements can make the entire area more beneficial to all. Obviously becoming a part of these is going to be beneficial. That’s even more the case if you’re the governor, or you own a house there. 

Governors do more than just pick upgrades though. They have to pay taxes on the property that they own. This is delivered over to the faction that is in control of an area. As a town’s number of upgrades rack up, the taxes will increase too. However, more residents will mean more taxes in the settlement too. There’s another role in a settlement too, beyond governors.


Consuls are the second in command for a settlement. A company can have more than one consul. So, the share in reasonability can be split among multiple people.

New World Settlements Upgrades

New World Settlements

Settlement Upgrades are a big bonus to an area and one that gives all residents a benefit. While these are levels and crafting stations, there are also are the ‘lifestyle buffs’. These are buffs that get activated for home owners in a settlement. However, the governor benefits too.

Settlement Upgrades

  • Hamlet
  • Village
  • Town
  • City
  • Capitol

Lifestyles Improvements – New World Settlements

  • Lumberjack’s Spirit – Increase logging quality
  • Farmer’s Harvest – Harvest quality 
  • Miner’s Resolve – Mining quality
  • Hunter’s Bounty – Skinning quality.
  • Weaponsmith’s Temperament – Base weaponsmithing gear score.
  • Engineer’s Patience – Base weaponsmithing gear score.
  • Armorer’s Inspiration – Base armoring gear score.
  • Chef’s Passion – Can get extra meals while cooking.
  • Arcanist’s Wisdom – Base arcana gear score.
  • Arcane’s Blessing – Corrupted damage absorption.
  • Hale and Hearty – Base HP
  • Stalwart – Defence recovery.

New World Settlements Levels

New World Settlements

Like most things in this game, there is a progression system for New World settlements. A settlement’s level is increased every time a town project is accomplished. So, on top of receiving an upgrade of a buff, you also get a level up to the settlement. However, if taxes aren’t paid by the governor, then you will start to see the level drop too.

How to Complete Town Projects

Town projects are activated by the governor of a settlement. All residents of the settlement can progress to complete it. They can complete missions that give XP, gold, and various rewards when they’re completed. Finishing these missions will help the New World settlements to finish a town project quicker, giving benefits for everyone. 

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