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Warzone Zombies Guide – Prison and Shipwreck

by Jordan

Warzone’s latest season has brought a lot of new weapons and POIs to the map. It has even introduced a few new secrets like the Yellow Access Card and the Missle Silos. There is one major feature though which has dominated the Season, Zombies. Warzone Zombies are now available on the map. At first, they were limited to one specific POI. You get some unique loot for taking them out, but they’re purely optional. Some rumors about the future of Verdansk imply they’re gonna become a bigger factor later in the Season. They’ve already started to spread.

However. Zombies and Warzone’s Battle Royale mode make a bit of a weird combination. Like NPCs in Fortnite that are hostile, these can sometimes be more irritating than they are fun. However, if these guys are going to be overrunning the map, then you need to learn how to deal with them. This guide covers the Warzone zombies, where you’ll find them, what loot you can get, and what their future holds.

Where to Find the Warzone Zombies

Warzone Zombies Guide

The first spot to find the Warzone zombies is the Shipwreck POI on Verdansk. This new POI offers players the chance to get unique items like the yellow access card. However, they’ll have to fight their way through the Zombie horde first. 

Since the initial release, things have changed around a little bit. The zombies have now spread outward, even reaching the Prison. These zombies are likely to continue to spread as time goes on. The zombies in Prison work quite similarly. You can start a zombie event that can get you some special loot.

What Do You Get for Killing Them?

Zombies are optional in the game right now, so what’s the benefit in actually taking them down? They do drop loot, if you can get through the entire event. This is how it works:

  • When you enter into the Warzone Zombies event, you can launch a sequence where 40 zombies attack your team. You only have a short time to take them out.
  • Once they’re all dead, they drop some special loot.
  • You get a special keycard that rewards you with quite a drop of loot. There is also a legendary gas mask on offer.

That’s about all you can get for taking out these zombies. So the rewards are decent, but not more so than cracking open one of the bunkers or really lucking out when looting. 

Should You Bother with the Zombies?

Warzone Zombies Guide

The Zombies event in Warzone at the moment makes for a fun change of pace, is it a decent structure for looting though? There are higher reward plays you can make in the game that don’t involve getting through so many zombies. Now they’ve spread around the map a little more, it is a bit easier. There are more central locations, so you don’t have to spend as long rotating after going over the zombies event.

The main drawback is the time it takes to clear the zombies. It can be a bit of a setback. You’ve then got the factor of other players in the mix. Taking out the zombies as a looting strategy is risky. However, the payoff can be worth it. If you’re after a more casual game, then it can particularly be fun. It isn’t the best strategy if you’re going very competitive though.

Warzone Zombies in the Future

Warzone Zombies Guide

Zombies have already spread across the Warzone map. It looks like they’re going to be pushing things even further in the future too. We can probably expect them to spread and spread until the season is over, which will probably be April or May. Current signs point towards a bombing taking place on Verdansk too, which could end up being the only way to wipe them out.

Warzone Zombies are a fun addition to the game. If you’re looking to improve outside of this challenge, our other guides can help you out there:

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