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Fortnite Bunker Chest Locations – All Secret Chests

by Jordan

The latest season of Fortnite has introduced a lot of new weapons and a crafting system to upgrade them. On top of all that though, you’ve got a brand new type of chest and loot. The Bunker chests that are featured in the game are some of the best things to loot ever added. It’s drop rate of high-end gear makes them more useful than supply chests or rare chests. Finding them though, that’s a bit complicated. These Fortnite bunker chests aren’t just going to be sat around, you’ve actually got to dig them out.

The current Season of Fortnite is fun in how different it is from the past. However, the crafting system has gotten frustrating to some players. Getting a decent loadout now means spending quite a while grinding and crafting. On top of that, decent tier loot is now very unlikely to drop from your standard looting locations. This is kind of a perfect storm of frustration, unless you can find the Fortnite bunker chests. These chests pretty much always drop a purple or orange tier weapon. They have a 100% chance of dropping at least blue tier too. That’s along with the usual other bits that get dropped in from time to time. 

As the best way to get decent loot without a whole lot of grinding, these things are important in Season 6’’s meta. This guide covers where you can find the bunker chest locations,and how can get into them.

The Fortnite Bunker Chest Locations

These are all of the locations where you can find one of the fortnite bunker chests:

  1. This one is located in the shark Island. You can find it in the tower there on the base level.
  2. This one is in Stealthy Stronghold. Just south, outside of a wall. You can find it on a small hill.
  3. The next one is near Craggy Cliffs. It is under the staircase in the house with a red roof.
  4. The Bunker Chest is in the attic of a house, in the West of pristine point.
  5. This one is in the building that’s partially covered in sand, in Steamy Stacks.
  6. Another in Steamy Stacks, but towards the shoreline behind it.
  7. This Fortnite Bunker chest is in a campsite west of green steel bridge.
  8. This one is in Pleasant Park, in the house with a storm shelter.
  9. The next chest is in the attic of a house in the southeast of Sweaty Sands. 
  10. This one is out in a field, just east of flopper pond.

Fortnite Bunker Chest Locations 11-22

11. The next Bunker chest is at the top of heart island, inside of a shack.

12. This one is on a road near Durr Burger.

13. Weeping woods, in a house of the north of the area.

14. This one is in a southwestern house in Retail Row.

15. The flowery field outside of Retail Row contains another Fortnite bunker chest.

16. This one is near Lazy Lake, in a normal field.

17. The shipwreck cove has a house inside, in the attic is another bunker chest.

18. This is in a hidden room in the house at Cape cod. You need to destroy the floor to get inside.

19. Misty Meadows has a house in a large field, inside is the next chest.

20. This one is in a trailer part in the southeast part of the map. 

21. You can find this one along the road that goes from Sweaty Sands to Holly hedges.

22. The southwest edge of the map, on the shoreline, there’s a bunker chest hidden there.

Chest Location Map

Those are the Fortnite bunker chest locations. They’re marked on the map below too, but the instructions help find the specific spot. 

Fortnite Bunker Chests Locations Guide

Getting into The Bunker Chests

if you want to actually get inside of them you need to dig them up first. While some of them are just sat out in the open, some need to be evacuated. To do this, just hit at the ground where the bunker chest is buried. A few swings of your harvesting tool should bring the chest to the surface.

It is important to keep in mind though that these bunker chests don’t spawn every game. Like all other chests, the spawn rate isn’t 100%. A good portion of these locations will have a chest in each game, but it isn’t guaranteed. Try and remember their locations, so whenever rotating or landing you can do a quick check for the chest. Since they offer one of the few guaranteed ways to get decent loot without grinding, they’re worth seeking out. Our other guides to this season of Fortnite can help you work on any other aspect of gameplay this season:

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