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Fortnite Season 6 What’s New

by Jordan

Fortnite’s latest Season is now live in the game! On firs glance, Season 6 is a particularly radical change to the game. It has introduced a host of new mechanics, and redone the entire weapon system active in the game. The theme of the Season is Primal and wild, there’s definitely a few things going on that reflect that too. There are new POIs on the map, an entire new system for the weapons, and a new Battle Pass. This is everything that’s changed in Fortnite Season 6:

Fortnite Season 6 – What’s New?

The theme for Fortnite Season 6 is ‘Primal’, things have been taken back to nature a bit. You likely saw this in the lengthy event that kick starts the Season. These are all of the major changes:

Fortnite Season 6 Map Changes

Fortnite Season 6 Whats new

One of the biggest changes in any new Season of Fortnite are the map changes. This Season, the map has some cool new locations. The biggest is the Spire in the center of the map. This replaces the Zero point, and the Agency before it. This area has a new mechanic, too involving some of the other new POIs. The Spire itself isn’t great for picking up loot, but it provides a pretty high vantage point for snipers or basing up in the late-game.

Across the map there are some smaller towers spread around. These each feature a Tower Guardian. You can also use jump pads in these spots to travel a little faster. The whole back to the Wild and various towers springing up has a bit of a Zelda feel to it.

There are changes across the map too. Salty Towers has been fully replaced with Boney Burbs in Fortnite Season 6! If this area remains as popular as Tilted or Salty remains to be seen. The Colossal Coliseum that was added last Season has now become the Colossal Corps. The entire middle area of the map is now forest rather than desert. Quite a few smaller environmental changes have been made, but these are the major ones.

Weapon Crafting

Fortnite Season 6 Whats new

This is a new mechanic for the game in Fortnite Season 6 You can now fully craft weapons and items while in-game. The fully crafting recipe list can get a bit complicated, but it extends pretty far. You can make improved weapons from various items you’ll find, like mechanical parts for traditional weapons and items from animals for primal weapons. This can further be built upon though, like using a jar of fireflies to make a flame bow that lights builds on fire. You can even make a hunter’s Cloak, which stops animals from attacking you. 


Fortnite Season 6 Whats New

One of the biggest changes to the new Season are the animals that are scattered around the map. There are wolves, chickens, frogs, quite a few different things. They have unique mechanics too. Some can be tamed, others like chickens can be used to glide. These animals are an interesting addition and players will likely find some creative ways to utilize them in Fortnite Season 6.

Bunker Chests

Fortnite Season 6 What's New

One of the last new additions and changes are the bunker chests! These are new high level loot containers that drop legendary weapons. They are kind of rare, but players will be heavily rewarded if they find them. 

Spire Guardians

Spires are some of the smaller new POIs to join the latest Fortnite season. These are still pretty important though. They contain spire guardians, enemies that you’ll need to defeat. Once beaten they drop a glowing orb. This is an item you can take to the Spire in the center of the map to get a Mythic weapon. This is difficult task to accomplish since the orb doesn’t go into your inventory. Instead, it gets carried physically. So you can’t use weapons while transporting it. The reward does pay off, but this is a bit of a big task!

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass

As with any new Season of Fortnite, Season 6 has a Battle Pass full of cosmetic rewards to play through too. This Season has some few crossover skins, like Raven and Lara Croft. There are other new unique skins too, like Tarana, Raz, and Chuck. 

Prop Hunt

Prop Hunt has always been a fun side game, but you can now incorporate it into the main Royale. For 75 gold at any of the NPCs in Fortnite, you can turn yourself into a prop. This allows you to move, but healing or firing a weapon will reveal you.

That’s everything major added to the game in the latest Fortnite Season. If you’re looking to improve your performance, then our Fortnite guides can help you get off to the best start.

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