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How to Tame Animals in Fortnite

by Jordan

Fortnite’s latest season has added a lot to the game. The Season 6 update brought new weapons, mechanics, and a much improved map. However, one of the major changes to the game is the addition of animals. These wild creatures are roaming all over The map at the moment. You can fight them to get access to crafting materials. However, there are other uses. With the right plan, you can tame animals in Fortnite with the latest update. This turns them from an attacking menace into a friendly creature that helps you out in firefights. 

At the moment,you can tame quite a few of the animals and they each perform a different task. However, only boars and wolves do actual fighting. Although there are interactions with others, like being able to glide Zelda-style with the chickens. The actual wolves in the game are the most vicious, but they have the best potential for helping you out too. First you’ll have to gain their trust. This is how you can tame animals in Fortnite.

How to Tame Animals in Fortnite

How to Train Wolves in Fortnite

How to Train Animals in Fortnite

Taming wolves in Fortnite is relatively simple. You will need a few supplies though. This is how you can go about doing it:

  • Gather meat by killing animals and collecting it.
  • Drop the meat on the floor near other wolves, then leave the area.
  • Watch the wolf until it heads over to the meat.
  • While distracted, click the button to tame the wolves.

Once you’re finished taming the wolf, you’ll have a companion alongside you. This wolf acts kind of similarly to NPCs in previous seasons that you hire. Once you’ve got their trust, they will follow you around, attacking enemy players whenever you need them too. This time around you don’t need to use gold to get someone on your side though. It is relatively simple to tame animals in Fortnite.

How to Tame Boars

How to Train Animals in Fortnite

Alongside taming wolves, you can tame a few other animals. The second most useful one is to tame boars. Taming these creatures in Fortnite is slightly more complicated than taming wolves. It only takes an extra step, but it will make it a bit longer of a process. This is how you can do it:

  • Collect fruit and veg.
  • Lay the food out by a boar in the wild, but without letting you see them. 
  • Wait for them to go over to the food.
  • Hold the interact button to tame them. 

Boars work the same as Wolves in Fortnite, so they’ll attack enemy players for you whenever you need to. You’ll need to actually find fruit and veg though. Unlike wolves, boars aren’t interested in their own meat.

How to Tame Animals in Fortnite – Chickens

The other major animal you can get access to in Fortnite are chickens! These ones basically don’t need training. All you need to do is grab one chicken, then jump while carrying it to float around. 

There might be more animals coming to Fortnite in the coming weeks, at least some cryptic comments have been made. Taming animals in Fortnite is a fun addition to this Season. They each have a different purpose, but getting some extra creatures on your team never hurts. If you’re jumping into the new Season and looking to improve, then our other guides can help you out with that:

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