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How to Get Mechanical Parts Quickly in Fortnite

by Jordan

Fortnite’s latest Season has brought crafting into the game, introducing a lot of new weapons. Crafting is key to getting a decent loadout in this season, but there’s a few difficulties in going through it. Crafting materials are easy to get, if you’re looking for bones. When you’re thinking about upgrading the mechanical weapons though, things are a bit harder. Farming mechanical parts is taking quite a bit longer, and it is much more dependent on where you manage to land. This guide covers how to get mechanical parts quickly in Fortnite Season 6, so you can streamline things a bit.

Fortnite’s mechanical weapons are largely all of the weapons you know pretty well. These are the traditional Fortnite weapons, those that most players are still searching out in-game. With the crafting system now locking them up, or at least locking away most decent variants. So you’re going to need to get as many of those mechanical parts as possible! This guide covers the system for doing that.

How to get Mechanical Parts Quickly in Fortnite

There are a few different strategies you can use to get mechanical parts quickly in Fortnite. The methods kind of just depend on which method works for how you play the best. Some work if you’re just trying to get more in as you rotate, whereas others will influence the entire way you play from first dropping.  This is the easiest method:

Pick Your Drop Spot to Get Mechanical Parts Quickly in Fortnite

Your choice of landing spot in Fortnite Chapter 2 makes a big difference for how easy it is to farm mechanical parts. The same goes for bones, but there are loads more good spots for animal spawns than for mechanical parts.

Get Mechanical Parts Quickly in Fortnite

The best farming technique for getting mechanical parts quickly in Fortnite is to look for compacted cars. These drop the same parts as a normal car. However, they’re squished into squares. This means you can easily farm through a serious amount of mechanical parts quickly if you drop in the right spot.

The overall best spot for this type of farming is the scrapyard located north of Flopper Pond and west of Dirty Docks. If you don’t even want to spend the time grabbing the mats, you can skip through that part too. Jump grab a few lots of wood from various other builds around this area. Then, place floor pieces below the stacks of compact cars. It makes them drop mechanical parts pretty quickly. Doing this method can get you a lot of parts, so you can pretty easily build a mechanical loadout. These are some of the better other spots to grab compacted cars too:

While the scrapyard is the best spot, all of these areas are decent for this method to get mechanical parts quickly in Fortnite.

How to Get Mechanical Parts Quickly in Fortnite –Farming Techniques

If you don’t want to stop at a compacted car spot, then your options are a bit more limited. You’re going to have to be grabbing mechanical parts from cars instead of from a big stack of them. So you’ll need to essentially blow up a good amount of vehicles to grab everything you need. If you’re looking to farm these, then there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Cars are the best places to get mechanical parts quickly in Fortnite, but some occasional bits of machinery drop them too.
  • Things like stationary trailers and compact cars are much better than drivable ones to grab mats, same for non-drivable cars. So if you’re really running low, rotate through one of the spots mentioned above.
  • If you’re limited to destroying cars, then remember to get away if you blow it up by mistake.
  • Make sure you’re in cover when you do this, otherwise you’re going to be at risk of giving your entire location away.
  • Any big POI is going to have a decent amount of cars, but you might need to clear it off the spawn before you can start harvesting.  Stay away from the Orange area in the center though, that’s more for farming animals.

You can also find mechanical parts in small amounts in these items.

Grinding Mechanical Parts

That’s everything you need to know when you’re going to get mechanical parts quickly in Fortnite. It can be frustrating, and the crafting grind is definitely one of the more drawn out aspects this season. If you follow through some of these tips though, you should be able to significantly reduce the time it takes to harvest all of your mats. If you’re looking to improve in Fortnite, then our other guides can help you work on things:

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