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Fortnite Controller Tips and Tricks

by Jordan

Fortnite is a game best played with a mouse and keyboard. Like any other shooter, it is all about accuracy and speed. You need to use the right settings and get the best frames per second. While some big Xbox and PS4 Tournaments are planned for the game, the real pros use PCs. This is generally what had been accepted, with most players sticking to the belief that controllers weren’t suitable for high-level play. That is why it may have come as a surprise when the Fortnite World Cup’s Duos round gave second place to a Fortnite controller player.

With many controller pros now doing a lot better, and even being the second-best duos player in the world, are controllers now viable?

Controllers are definitely different and they aren’t for everyone. However, if you feel like giving a Fortnite controller a go, there is a way to do it that maximizes your chances. Here are some tips and tricks on about how to get the most out of playing with a controller.

Use the Right Fortnite controller

Fortnite Controller Tips and Tricks

The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to be using the correct Fortnite controller. On any console, mobile, or PC, you need to be using something that works. You don’t have to splash out on a Fortnite specific controller, but you need to look for one with these features:

  • Comfort –Getting better at playing with a controller comes from practice, so your controller needs to be comfortable.
  • Ergonomic –the controller needs to be well designed and laid out. A bizarre organisation of buttons isn’t going to be great here.
  • Tournament Legal –This is something you need to keep in mind if you really want to do well. Most competitive events don’t allow you to use whatever controller you want. Most are accepted and anything resembling a normal gamepad will give you the muscle memory you need. Sadly, this means the modern versions of the ergonomic Wavebirdare out of the question.
  • Responsive –Controllers may have some lag in input compared with a mouse and keyboard. You need to research the input lag on your controller if you’re relying on it for split-second reactions. A wired controller helps cut down on input lag.
  • Back Paddles – If you can get a controller with back paddles, they will make building a lot easier.

Using a Controller Correctly

Fortnite Controller Tips and Tricks

With the right controller picked out, you then need to actually use it. Here’s how to get the most out of a Fortnite controller:

  • Builder Pro –The first thing you should do when starting playing Fortnite on a controller is to switch over to Builder pro. This version of the control scheme makes it much easier to build quickly on a controller, which should help you with one of the major advantages keyboard players have.
  • Sensitivity –Your sensitivity settings are going to be different on a controller than a mouse and keyboard. Your movement is much more limited, so you need to crank your sensitivity up a bit. Turn it up gradually until you find a sensitivity that works for you. You should aim to be able to perform flicks of the stick to quickly aim.
  • Practice Building –Aiming is going to be easier to adjust to than building. When using a Fortnite controller, building is where you need to improve. Building with a controller is much less responsive than a mouse and keyboard, practicing building is the best thing you can do to improve.
  • Turn off Auto Aim for Editing –Aim Assist is really helpful when you’re shooting, but for editing? Not so much. Make sure to turn this off once you’ve become accustomed to editing and building on a Fortnite Controller.

Mastering using a Fortnite Controller

With everything set up to make the most out of a Fortnite controller, you’ve got to practice. As with playing on a mouse and keyboard, skill comes from practice. Building muscle memory with a Fortnite controller will make using it much more responsive. A good way to practice is to run through creative courses that will allow you to practice aiming, building and close combat. However, once you’ve mastered these you need experience in-game.

The best way to get this is just to play. However, you shouldn’t neglect the Limited Time Modes as a great place to practice. These tend to be quicker and with lower stakes, making them perfect for quickly building up muscle memory.

If you want to get better using a Fortnite controller, you also need to make sure you’re running the best settings for the game and getting the best frames per second possible.

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