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The Best PPSH-41 Warzone Loadout

by Jordan

Warzone Season 3 has just launched, bringing a lot of new content into the game. One of the most exciting parts of every new Season though is the new weapons to enter the title. With Season 3, the SMG PPSh-41 is one of the impressive additions so far. While things are still early, this gun looks like a real contender for one of the best guns in the season. Like with any Warzone gun though, the choice of weapon is just the start. The loadout has to be designed to push the weapon as far as it can go. The best PPSH-41 Warzone loadout can make this gun into something more, curbing the recoil and upping the range.

The best PPSH-41 class in Warzone can help make this weapon as effective as possible in terms of time to kill. This bonus makes the gun one of the more fun to utilize in close quarters in the new Warzone map. This is what you need to know about building the loadout, and unlocking this new Warzone weapon.

The Best PPSH-41 Warzone Loadout

How to Unlock the PPSH-41 

The PPSH-41 Warzone class can be used as soon as you work your way through the weapon’s attachment unlocks, but you’ve got to get the gun itself first. You can unlock it in the Season 3 Battle Pass by reaching level 15. This will come from playing the game or grabbing the tiers in advance to progress automatically. Playing the Black Ops Cold War game can often be a quicker way to actually unlock the guns. At least, quicker than going through Warzone.

The Best PPSH-41 Warzone Loadout

Best PPSH-41 Warzone Loadout


The most important stage in building the perfect loadout for a weapon is your choice of attachments to build on the weapon’s natural base. This is a submachine gun, so it comes with a standard of speed and hard hitting rounds. Although, this particular weapon has some clear drawbacks to it when used unmodified. This are the best PPSH-41 Warzone loadout attachments to build it up:

  • GRU Suppressor
  • 14.9” Barrel
  • Spetsnaz Grip
  • 55 Rnd Drum
  • Serpent Wrap

Some of these components aren’t going to be unlocked for a little while, but it is worth your time to grind them out to improve your weapon. This build is going to give you much more recoil control along with a slightly longer range for effective damage. For most SMGs, these kinds of improvements make a significant difference for performance. The Spetsnaz Grip will also help you mitigate the recoil. All together, it makes the weapon into something much more effective. The main downside of this build is the drop in speed. However, this weapon’s base level makes the drop less significant than with other guns.

The Rest of the Best PPSh-41 Warzone Loadout

Best PPSH-41 Warzone Loadout

While the attachments are the most important part of this build, there are other aspects you can tailor to suit this weapon. These are some recommendations for the rest of your loadout:


  • EOD
  • Overkill
  • Amped

EOD and Amped are pretty predictable choices for Warzone at the moment, especially when you’re using an SMG. They’re going to provide protection and a little boost. The Overkill portion will help balance your loadout, since you’re only using an SMG it is helpful to have something else here for range.


  • Semtex
  • Stun Grenade

These choices of equipment are a lot more down to personal preference than the rest of the best PPSh-41 Warzone loadout. However, these recommendations suit the play style of this gun and the game’s current balance.

That’s all you need to use to get the best performance out of the PPSh-41 in Warzone. If you’re looking to improve in other aspects of your gameplay this season, then our other guides can help you with that:

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