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Warzone Verdansk 1984 Map Guide

by Jordan

Warzone’s latest Season has brought a lot of new content into the game. One of the most exciting portions though, is the brand new map. Verdansk 1984 has changed things up majorly. There are new locations, and plenty of big changes to how the old POIs are laid out. Moving the map in time is an interesting way to develop Season to Season. It has led to a big jump in terms of how each POI looks. This Warzone Verdansk 1984 map guide covers everything you need to know about the new map.

In a Battle Royale, map knowledge is pretty vital for strategy. You need to know the best landing spots to suit your gameplan. In Warzone, it’s all about getting your loadout. This makes your initial drop spot vital, since you need to be getting that loadout in as soon as possible. You also need to know where to move towards when rotating. Having good map knowledge can really improve your performance. This is everything that’s big on the new map and the top landing spots for the Warzone Verdansk 1984 msp:

Warzone Verdansk 1984 Map Guide

New POIs on Warzone New Verdansk Map

The entire map for Warzone has had a major change in Season 3. While there are loads of changes, these are new POIs and those that have had big reworks this season:


The north-area of the map is probably the most changed from last season of Warzone. There is now a Black Ops map slipped in where the frozen lake used to be. This is a fun easter egg but also a great way to develop this remote area, incorporating it into Warzone is a fun addition. This is a fun landing spot with plenty of buildings. However, at the top of the map it might be a bit far for rotation for some players.

Gora Viaduct

Warzone Verdansk 1984 Map Guide

The Gora Viaduct is a new POI in the Warzone Verdansk 1984 map, it replaces the old Dam which was a big part of the old map. The new POI is quite similar on the top, but underneath things are laid out entirely differently. The dam has been replaced with arches. Water still flows beneath these, but it essentially has a whole new layout. As a major part of the map, these arches are going to add in a lot of verticality. Players won’t want to be caught underneath in the late game, giving so much of the high ground. 

Old Mine

The old mine is a brand new POI and a very funny addition to the map’s layout. As the whole landscape here is at different levels, there is a lot of room for creative tactics in this section of the map. This is a busy spot at the moment, and can easily turn into a chokepoint. 


A new area in the east is Factory. This is a particularly dense POI, with a lot of interior space with areas for players to hide in ambush. This place is going to be great for players to try and hold down an area, if that’s your style of play. With smaller buildings spread around, this spot could turn into a late-game camp out in the Warzone Verdansk 1984 map.

Grid Array

Warzone Verdansk 1984 Map Guide

This is a pretty big new area and one that is kind of strange to fight in. It is a larger block arranged in a grid. This itself can facilitate players on top of it, and there are buildings around here too. This isn’t the most exciting of the Warzone 1984 Verdansk map changes, but it will make things a bit different and could make for some bizarre vertical firefights.

Salt Mine

Warzone Verdansk 1984 Map Guide

This is a kind of a half finished current POI on the map. There are structures and other buildings around. However, the entrances here aren’t currently open. According to the patch notes, these doors are ‘sealed’. So like the Warzone bunkers, we could probably expect these things to open up as time passes on the current Season.

Apartments in Promenade

Another of the new map innovations this time around is an apartment complex that is under construction. That aspect makes it quite a bit different than just having a large interior space. This is a high traffic area at the moment and a great place to drop for a firefight on the Warzone Verdansk 1984 map.

Broadcast Tower

Warzone Verdansk 1984 Map Guide

This is another under construction building on the Verdansk 1984 map. The buildings aren’t quite as tall as some of the old ones, but there are more unique roofs and outlooks to take a position on. The cranes and the high ground around here could be particularly strong positions for long range players.


Warzone Verdansk 1984 Map Guide

This was one of the most important parts of the map. In Verdansk 1984, it is still going to be a major part of how things work. The interior areas aren’t as fleshed out this time around. However, there might be some more additions before the season ends.

The Best Landing Spots in Verdansk 1984 – Warzone Season 3

The best Warzone Season 3 landing spots include quite a few of the new POIs. However, a lot of the old ones are going to remain as popular as ever. These are the top spots to land in for Warzone Season 3:

  • Superstore – Superstore was a major landing spot in previous Seasons and it is still a great spot in Warzone season 3. There is just as much loot and cash available for players. While you can still expect plenty of firefights here, there is enough loot to justify it.
  • Stadium – Stadium may have been reworked, but it isn’t going anywhere in terms of popularity. This place is going to keep being a top landing spot for the rest of the season if you’re looking for action.
  • Summit – This massively expanded area is one of the standouts for the new season’s map. There is a huge amount of loot here, and while rotation could be tricky it is still a high level landing spot.
  • Downtown – The downtown area is a slightly quieter spot, but it is a great place for loot. This one hasn’t changed too much, but you can drop in and expect to find everything you need. The rooftops are great for mid and long-range gameplay too.
  • Airport – This has had some major changes in the Verdansk 1984 map. However, it still has plenty of loot. It is a great spot for combat and spread out enough to support a few teams.

These are some of the best Warzone Verdansk 1984 landing spots. The entire map is feeling a lot fresher and fuller. However, it isn’t all change. If you’re looking to perform well in the new season, then our other guides can help you work on your gameplay after you’ve dropped in:

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