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Spellbreak Gauntlet Combos Guide

by Jordan

All combat in Spellbreak is done through the Gauntlets. These are gloves that give you the power of a certain element. This type of combat has a lot of utilities outside of just pointing and shooting. Most of the Gauntlets make AOE and larger effects when fired. These Gauntlet effects can combine. Spellbreak Gauntlet combos can combine two attacks to make something stronger than either. To really master Spellbreak combat, you need to learn these combos and pick your Gauntlets based on their potential for combos.

Spellbreak Gauntlet combos can be used by using two of your own Gauntlets. However, you can do something even more interesting with them. You can use your own Gauntlets to combo over those of your teammates, and enemies. Friendly fire is in effect in Spellbreak, so using gauntlet combos lets you do some serious damage and exploit the entire environment.

If you’re not careful you easily hurt your teammates. This can also help you with combos though. If your team is coordinated with their choice of Gauntlets, you can access every Gauntlet combo and do much more damage than you could with only two attacks. Think of it like coordinating in other Battle Royales with each player choosing different weapons. This guide will run you through the main interactions of each Gauntlet and how to best utilize them to win in Spellbreak.

Spellbreak Combos Guide

This is everything you’re going to need to know about Spellbreak Gauntlet combos. Before we get down to specifics though, this is how the whole thing works:

  • Spellbreak Gauntlet combos allow you to combine the effects of more than one attack.
  • They’re performed by moving the effect of one attack into the effect of another.
  • These attacks combine to create a new effect or give one attack some properties of another.
  • You can be damaged by the Gauntlet combos just as easily as other players. Don’t stand too close.

That’s the basics. Spellbreak combos aren’t difficult to use in theory. However, combining them is more complicated than just firing all your Gauntlets off at random. If you really want to optimize how you play, you need to think through your combos. Be aware of how your favorite Gauntlets interact with others, and always be on the lookout for a potential combo.

Toxic Gauntlet Combos

Gauntlet Combos

The toxic Gauntlet has some of the best potential for Gauntlet combos in the entire game. The attacks from the Toxic gauntlet are hard-hitting and simple to master. What lets you really push things further with this set of attacks though is the combos. The Toxic Gauntlet has a lot of potential, it’s one of the best things about the Toxicologist class. These are all of the Gauntlet combos that you can pull off with it:

Toxic and Ice Gauntlet Combos

  • Toxic spray can hit ice puddles and turn them into toxic puddles. This emits toxic clouds that damage the player. These clouds can also block ice lances if timed right.
  • Flash freeze can completely neutralize toxic puddles and make them into ice.
  • A toxic cloud will turn into useless solid ice when hit by an ice lance.

Toxic and Lightning Gauntlet Combos

  • Toxic spray interacts with electricity when hit by lightning. They conduct lightning which damages other players.
  • A lightning strike will electrify either toxic puddles or clouds, the result damages players within a 10m radius. This is one of the more effective combinations with Toxic.

Toxic and Fire

  • Both flame puddles and the flame wall will combine with toxic shots. This is very noticeable by players though so it really only works if you act quickly.
  • The flame wall can become toxic, but it also blocks the shots from passing through them. This kind of makes it a barrier to stop your attacks, as much as a utility.
  • The flame wall will also only combine with the toxic attack segment by segment. The whole wall will not turn toxic unless you hit each piece individually.
  • A toxic cloud will become a fiery cloud with more damage if that gets hit by fireballs.

Toxic and Stone

  • The boulderfall attack will remove toxic spray from the ground. When it hits a toxic cloud, it will collide with it but not have an effect.
  • If you hit a toxic puddle with a shockwave attack, the puddle will disappear. While this makes it more of a counter, it does leave behind some toxic clouds despite clearing the ground.

Toxic and Wind Gauntlet Combos

  • The tornado that you can launch with the Wind Gauntlet will become toxic when it is hit with a toxic spray.
  • If you hit a tornado with a toxic cloud, both will be nullified.

Wind Gauntlet Combos

 Gauntlet Combos

The Wind Gauntlets are also usable for Gauntlet combos. These give the Wind Gauntlets a more direct attack. A lot of the ground here is being covered by the Whirlwind attack. The primary mana attack doesn’t have the same level of compatibility.

Wind and Toxic

  • A Wind Sheer can push and change the trajectory of a toxic cloud. More interestingly though, after five hits it can destroy a toxic cloud entirely. This is a fair amount of mana, but it’s a decent counter move to keep in mind.
  • Wind Sheer will take on some Toxicity as it passes through a toxic puddle or mist.
  • A whirlwind attack will become a toxic whirlwind if hit by a toxic shot or cast on a toxic puddle.

Wind and Fire

  • Wind can pass through fire and it will put it out. When it hits a flame wall, it removes it in chunks.
  • Wind is essentially a counter to fie. You can use it to defend, but not to make your damage any higher.
  • A Whirlwind will soak up the fire and become a fire tornado, but the other attacks just block each other.

Wind and Lightning 

  • Wind can become a conduit to lightning if it passes through it.
  • Once a wind sheer passes through lightning, it will shock a player on impact.
  • A whirlwind will become electrocuted every time lightning hits it.

Wind and Ice Gauntlet Combos

  • Wind shears will destroy ice puddles on contact or damage a player standing on one. Ice mist is created in place of a puddle. This slows down a player and can even briefly freeze them.
  • The edge of a flash freeze attack will block wind sears entirely.
  • A tornado will ruin the direction and aim of an ice lance and remove any ice on the ground or air.

Wind and Stone Gauntlet Combos

  • Boulderfall will block out a wind shear entirely. Depending on your timing, it can slow it down or stop it entirely.
  • A wind tornado will change the direction of a Boulderfall too. There aren’t a whole lot of interactions between these two Gauntlet combos!

Fire Gauntlet Combos

Spellbreak Gauntlet Combos

Fire and Ice

  • A fireball will melt any ice on the ground. It will break ice blocks too.
  • The flamewall and fireball can also be put out by being hit with an ice attack. These are polar opposite abilities that cancel each other out.

Fire and Lightning

  • A lightning strike near a flamewall will go straight through it. However, fireballs will pull in lightning, and weaken it.

Fire and Toxic

  • Fireballs will explode when combined with a toxic cloud.
  • The flamewall will have individual sections turn into toxic sections when hit with a toxic shot.
  • Hitting fire into the toxic puddles does the same thing, on a smaller scale.

Fire and Stone

  • The boulderfall attack will be set ablaze if it runs through any type of fire.
  • The shockwave attack will turn into a fiery fissure if it passes through a flamewall or is hit by a fireball attack.

Fire and Wind

  • The whirlwind attack will absorb fireballs and turn into a complete fire tornado.
  • The tornado can explode too if it is hit with a toxic attack.
  • The wind shear attack will pass through both puddles and flame walls.

Ice Gauntlet Combos

Spellbreak Gauntlet Combos

Ice and Lightning Combos

  • When a lightning strike hits an Ice lance, it will electrify the water briefly.  This is an effective and strong attack.
  • Lightning bolts are also electrified when they hit an ice puddle. If the ice is turning to steam, they will create blocks of ice with an electric effect.

Ice and Fire Gauntlet Combos

  • Flash freeze blocks a fire wall from being formed in its vacinity.
  • An ice shot will extinguish sections of the firewall individually.
  • Fireballs become fire and steam puddles when they hit ice.
  • The flash freeze attack will turn fire into ice mist and steam, which can freeze players.

Ice and Toxic Gauntlet Combos

  • Toxic clouds will turn into a solid block of ice if they’re hit with any type of ice. This can freeze players too if they’re trapped in the crossfire.
  • A toxic shot attack will turn into ice or water puddles if it or a toxic puddle is struck by an ice attack. Flash freeze does the same thing.

Ice and Stone Gauntlet Combos

  • A boulderfall attack is frozen solid if it gets hit with any type of ice attack It also creates mist if it has to shatter ice puddles.
  • A shockwave attack will shatter any type of ice as it hits it, clearing the battlefield up. This Gauntlet combo doesn’t effect full ice blocks.

Ice and Wind Combos

  • The whirlwind attack pulls ice land shots inwards. It also removes ice puddles or ice mists, preventing them from affecting players.
  • A wind shear attack will destroy ice puddles on contact and create ice mist. This is a good way of turning an ice puddle into something that actually has some offensive potential.

Stone Gauntlet Combos

Stone Combo

Stone and Ice Gauntlet Combos

  • A shockwave attack shatters ice puddles and blocks, creating ice mist. It will remove water puddles but no effect is made to steam puddles.
  • A boulderfall attack will freeze if it is hit by an ice lance or travels into a flash freeze area.
  • If the boulderfall passes through ice puddles then it will create ice blocks.

Stone and Lightning Gauntlet Combos

  • A lightning strike can stop a shockwave attack, but only with quite exact timing. This one might take some practice though to get right.
  • Boulderfall can do the same but timing is easier here given the size.

Stone and Fire Gauntlet Combos

  • Shockwave attacks will pass through fire and become a fire trail.
  • The shockwave can also block fireballs fired at you.
  • Boulderfall can be set on fire. This time it will leave a flaming puddle behind it too.

Stone and Toxic Gauntlets

  • A shockwave will remove toxic puddles from the ground and nullify them.
  • It won’t have this effect on toxic clouds though.
  • Boulderfall can block a toxic shot and it will remove the toxic puddle when it hits them.

Stone and Wind

  • Boulderfall will block a wind shear attack. This will either stop it entirely or stop its momentum so it doesn’t hit the target.
  • A whirlwind will be pulled off course by boulderfall too.

Lightning Gauntlet Combos

lightning Combo

Lightning and Ice Gauntlet Combos

  • If you perform a lightning bolt attack, it will electrify ice puddles to do more damage.
  • If the puddles have turned to steam it’ll create blocks of ice that also shock other players. This one is a pretty simple set of interactions.

Lightning and Fire Combos

  • Lightning bolts can pass straight through flamewalls. There isn’t any effect, but neither is blocked by the interaction either.
  • If a lightning strike is used by a flamewall then it will be directed into it. It slightly pulls in electricity and ruins its accuracy.

Lightning and Toxic Gauntlet Combos

  • A lightning bolt can be blocked by toxic clouds and the cloud will become electrified.
  • It does the same to toxic puddles.

Lightning and Stone Combos

  • Boulderfall will block lightning bolts.
  • Shockwaves can too. However, they require better accuracy and timing. That’s a combination you might need to practice.

Lightning and Wind Gauntlet Combos

  • A lightning bolt that hits a whirlwind will become an electrified tornado. A Wind shear attack will also become electrified if it hits some electricity.

These are the main interactions between Gauntlets. Once you’ve learned them, you’re ready to start experimenting with more advanced tips and tricks to win more games in Spellbreak. Our other guides to Spellbreak can help you improve in other areas and master this new Battle Royale.

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